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    Clock on the menu bar

    I often see that people have the classical clock on the right of the menu bar. I know that it is a downloadable application but I do not remember anymore its name. Please say me where I can download it. Thanks
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    LaTeX for OSX

    Can Latex run under MacOSX PB? Where can I find it and how will I install it? Thanks
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    Previous design was better

    My opinion : previous design was better. I also think that an aqua interface would be funny. Laurent
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    Adobe softwares

    Hi, Will Adobe softwares run under OSX or is it planned for a very far future ? Are there previews or downloadable versions which can be tested ? Laurent
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    Can I run Borland JBuilder on OSX/PB

    Hi, Can somebody tell me if I can run (Inprise)Borland JBuilder on my OSX/PB ? Or is there an other GUI java development tool that runs under MacOS X ? Thanks. Laurent
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    iMac 400 DV works fine

    Hello, My experience: iMac DV 400 with 128 RAM. I made a partition on my 9Gbytes disk - first partition for MacOS 9.04 and second one for MacOS X beta. It works very fine: PPP, surfing, HTML editing, graphical editing with Stone Design, mp3 listening. I bought it in Paris (16 sept.) and...
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    Sound capture software

    Hello, Is there a way to capture sound in OSX? I do not see system preferences linked to sound recording (in the Sound panel, there is only the speaker level, not the microphone level). Tks Laurent
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    FTP software ?

    Hello, Is there some Carbon-ftp-software for MacOS X ? I know, Eplorer does a little bit file transfer protocol but this is not very funny. Laurent
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    AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards

    Hi, I've got a french keyboard (I mean AZERTY). In my System Preferences, I put French as language and it runs but... only after the login window! In fact, the default keyboard layout is QWERTY. I see it when typing my username and password. But, just after the login window, it switch to...
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    Where can I find X apps ?

    Hi Does anyone know where I can find some MacOS X applications? Are there particular sites you can advise me? Thanks Laurent
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    Manual for OS X?

    Does a manual or user guide exists for MacOS X? I would be interested in configuring my Web server or working with the command console in more details... Thanks Laurent