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    Clock on the menu bar

    I often see that people have the classical clock on the right of the menu bar. I know that it is a downloadable application but I do not remember anymore its name. Please say me where I can download it. Thanks
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    LaTeX for OSX

    Can Latex run under MacOSX PB? Where can I find it and how will I install it? Thanks
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    Previous design was better

    My opinion : previous design was better. I also think that an aqua interface would be funny. Laurent
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    Adobe softwares

    Hi, Will Adobe softwares run under OSX or is it planned for a very far future ? Are there previews or downloadable versions which can be tested ? Laurent
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    Can I run Borland JBuilder on OSX/PB

    Hi, Can somebody tell me if I can run (Inprise)Borland JBuilder on my OSX/PB ? Or is there an other GUI java development tool that runs under MacOS X ? Thanks. Laurent
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    Running on 25MHz 386, 4MB RAM

    I ran it on an Apple IIe. Disadvantages : rather slow, only 16 colors, no network, sound is only "beep" et "beeeep". Advantage : none. :-)
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    Seems to be an hoax. I also logged often as root and did not encountered any problem. Laurent
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    iMac 400 DV works fine

    Hello, My experience: iMac DV 400 with 128 RAM. I made a partition on my 9Gbytes disk - first partition for MacOS 9.04 and second one for MacOS X beta. It works very fine: PPP, surfing, HTML editing, graphical editing with Stone Design, mp3 listening. I bought it in Paris (16 sept.) and...
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    AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards

    It works fine. Thanks.
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    Sound capture software

    Hello, Is there a way to capture sound in OSX? I do not see system preferences linked to sound recording (in the Sound panel, there is only the speaker level, not the microphone level). Tks Laurent
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    FTP software ?

    Hello, Is there some Carbon-ftp-software for MacOS X ? I know, Eplorer does a little bit file transfer protocol but this is not very funny. Laurent
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    AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards

    Hi, I've got a french keyboard (I mean AZERTY). In my System Preferences, I put French as language and it runs but... only after the login window! In fact, the default keyboard layout is QWERTY. I see it when typing my username and password. But, just after the login window, it switch to...
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    Can I Download MacOS X for Free?

    Hello, I totally agree with you: if it was free, anyone could install it and use it without a minimum of IT knowledge. MacOS is a great and powerfull operating system , Apple clearly wants that only "advanced" users test it (you know, very few people are familiar with linux stuff). But, in...
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    Can I Download MacOS X for Free?

    It's a pitty you can't pay it because it is really cheap, even if it will only run six months. Probably, the final and commercial version will cost at least five to ten times more money. Laurent
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    Connecting with AppleTalk

    Hi, I have the same problem. I have a Ethernet AppleTalk network with a few iMacs and G3 beige. Included the printer, there are all connected to a 10Mb hub. AppleTalk works fine in MacOS 8.6 and 9.04 (this is my computer). But, in MacOS X beta, only the printer is recognized. So, I can...
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    Manual for OS X?

    Thanks for the advices. But what are the real functionnalities of the 'Unix' interface (I mean the console)? Can we build/compile some applications? Are scripts possible? What are the relations between this unix-based interface and the graphical interface of MacOS? Can we take some linux...
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    Where can I find X apps ?

    Hi Does anyone know where I can find some MacOS X applications? Are there particular sites you can advise me? Thanks Laurent
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    Manual for OS X?

    Does a manual or user guide exists for MacOS X? I would be interested in configuring my Web server or working with the command console in more details... Thanks Laurent