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    What build do YOU use ?

    i too scorned the "build of the week" stuff.. until iTunes carbon (i am still running public beta.. it won't run iTunes carbon) came along. i seriously sweat it.. BAD. basically the two things i do with my mac (so far.. digital audio studio is coming) are listen to music and talk on aim. so...
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    What build do YOU use ?

    did a search of and no luck yet. can you link me to the article? many thanks adam
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    What build do YOU use ?

    okay so this may sound like a no-brainer.. but after you d/l the disk image (it is a HUGE pain in the Admiral), what next? do you have to have a cd burner? can you just boot from the mounted image? all my friends with cd burners use Windows. am i pretty much SOL? adam
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    build 4K73 review

    Theater Mode is on the 17" Studio Display, when you play a movie (Quicktime, DVD, iMovie, or otherwise) fullscreen, the monitor automatically brightens. adam
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    Mac OS X 4k56!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when you spell grammar properly, then you can talk about it!
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    New Builds on Carracho

    at first i scorned the build fever that has been going around.. but now that a version of itunes is carbonized (won't run on pb) for later builds, my curiosity got the better of me. so i spent the last day and a half trying to d/l a new build off carracho... GOOD GOD!! that is the biggest...
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    why did you feel the need to start a new thread for your flame? now i don't know who you're flaming.. can't take sides.. now that's just an etiquette faux pas. adam
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    AOL = caca barf

    thanks so much aol for promising us a carbon version later this year... how long since windows users have had aol 6.0? and they haven't even released a BETA 6.0 for classic. yuck. to hell with them. Adam
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    Dual processor speed

    i didn't see it on version tracker... does anybody know about it?
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    Dual processor speed

    i didn't see it on version tracker... does anybody know about it?
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    Was there an update?

    When I first got my hands on the beta (soon after its release) I remember specifically that pushing the monitor button on the new ASD 17" did nothing. I am pretty sure about this because I used to play with the button when I was bored (it would light up but nothing would happen). However, when...
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    Os X password security

    the text is very small. good screen shots though.
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    How to disable Classic?

    you can just go into internet explorer prefs and find all of the file helpers connected to stuffit, and just delete them. and by the way.. what do you guys think of ie? i have trouble with pages when i'm scrolling and there is an embedded quicktime movie, etc. adam
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    what about ATI's Radeon for G4Cube?

    i love my G4 and i like os X and pretty much everything apple makes. however, i can't stand apple as a merchant. they sell computers before they even have them working. they sell monitors they don't have. they promised os x sooner and they couldn't deliver. something is wrong here. this is...
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    From everything that I've read about interfaces, centered is absolutely the last thing you want. It's hard to track a moving target, and you can see how stuff DOES move in the dock. I wish I had some useful link, but I guess looking up any of the research Apple did with GUI would do ya. Adam