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    Age of Kings for the Mac!

    It was the best game when I used a pc. And this one seems to be even better (finer graphics; expansion included). But... I hope so much it will be able to do multiplayer with pc! Age of Empires I didn't and that's why I moved over to the lesser Starcraft.
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    5g24: what's RAID

    RAID appears to be a nice feature of the new 10.1. But what is it?
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    Audio VST plug-ins right into OS X

    You know what I hope? That OS X audio will make it possible to snap VST plug-ins anywhere in each audio channel. Like Quartz makes it possible to scale bitmaps anywhere in the graphical interface. Imagine how easy it will be to make affordable recording software.
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    What clock speed for 10.1?

    Apple suggests there is no minimal clock speed for OS X to run. I bet there isn't. But what clock speed would make 10.1 run smooth enough for daily use? (even estimates by non 10.1 - owners are welcome)
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    I don't understand the networking between OS X 10.1 and Windows part. I never heard of SMB or Dave. I only know about Windows doing TCP/IP or IPX networks. I assume it would be possible to connect to Windows using TCP/IP but I'm wondering about the rest. Anyone please tell me.
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    Omni Web and Real Audio?

    Omni says that plug-ins for Netscape and IE also work with Omni Web, if you put them in 'library/internet plug-ins'. But the Real Player plug-in won't work with mine. Does anyone know how to get Real Audio working with Omni Web?
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    Dock in right side of menu bar

    Both dock and menu bar take more place than they need. So the dock needs an option to be put over the menu bar, on the right side. Tell me if you agree and if you think it's important!
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    My MacOSX has gotten faster! Is it updating itself or something?

    Am I getting crazy??? I don't think I really changed anything, but MacOS X is getting more responsive all the time... I first thought it was because Classic wasn't running. But it appeared to *be* running.
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    Cubase users: OS X forces Classic to use virtual memory!

    Now I know why Steinberg's Cubase won't run under classic and why it probably won't in the forseeable future...
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    Fwee... I'm not such a complaining kind of guy, but...

    1. Stripy windows combined with transparency makes me sick. 2. OS 9 behaves more like water than Aqua! 3. I have a hard time to get used to the new folder configuration, especially since in OS X, I don't have the privileges to change my old folders. 4. Dock folder menus must go a lot...
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    Does anyone know how easily OS X will fit in a common Windows office network?

    I have little knowledge of the underlying technology in company networks. But in offices, I usually see Windows machines running Office applications on a network. They communicate with MS Outlook. I know that it's possible to connect current Macs to these systems with some Mac-Windows file...
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    Interface philosophy: less is *not* more, anymore. Aqua lacks Windows features!.

    Jobs is still living 20 years ago. His philosophy: keep the interface simple, so no-one gets lost. Once, he used the desktop metaphor, so people understood what they were doing. That was great, then. But these days, everyone has used a computer once or more. Usually Windows, sometimes Unix or...
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    Dock *inside* menu bar

    In the dock discussion, I'm missing the concept 'dock inside menu bar'. It would mean a great option for those with >= 1024 x 768 resolutions, like me. I got this idea from the wonderful OS 9 extension called 'Taskmenubar'. This extension does everything I want the dock to do, *inside the...
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    Aqua Icon Builder

    When a folder alias is placed in the Dock, there'll be no room for the name of it. This will be a problem if you put a lot of aliases of folders in the Dock; they'll be hard to tell apart. Therefore, it would be handy if there was a little free icon building application. Using the aqua...