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    How the f%#& can I print??

    I have a Dual G4 500 and HP DeskJet 970cxi now how the hell can i print =( it wont let me.... PLEEEZE help i need to print of documents urgently! cheers and thanx in advance! Jono Haysom CEO & Co Founder - Halo Solutions "Total Hosting Solutions the World Over"
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    Dial up under os x

    Please help i have an internal modem buti cant configue it correctly to dial up. i have the number login and password but im used to having the dns and tcp/ip seeting done for me how do i do this in os x so it works!
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    Bluescreen? I don't mean special FX!

    yea u can custom BUT IT WONT WORK ONLY BASIC WILL!!!! OK U CANT CUSTOMISE IT!!! IT REQUIRES EVERYTING IN BASIC YOU CANT ADD MORE IN CUSTOM OK.... sorry bout the caps but ive told peeps this so many times just do it ok!
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    Bluescreen? I don't mean special FX!

    YOU IDIOT!~~ Im an apple developer! this happens when sumone tries to do a custom install DONT. just do a basic install there is no difference in release beta1a2 this problem will be fixed but there is no problem USE BASIC INSTALL!!! kelix ya friendly mac guy