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    problems running phpbb

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    problems running phpbb

    Hi, I'm trying to run phpbb on my imac. I've got MySQL up and running. PHP is installed. I've installed phpbb. When I access my phpbb folder, i've got the fellowing error: Warning: Failed opening './config.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in...
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    ar bug in MacOS X?

    Hi, I'm trying to compile ffmpeg on my MacOS X system in order to endoce some MPEG4 material. Configuring is no problem. Making has some problems. Under 10.1.5, I've got the following output: (ffmpeg version 0.4.5) make -C libavcodec all rm -f libavcodec.a ar rcs libavcodec.a common.o...
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    out of date file!

    HI, I'M trying to install ScientificPython on my computer and I type make install, I've got a nice log with something like: [...] running build_ext building 'Scientific_netcdf' extension skipping Src/Scientific_netcdf.c (build/temp.darwin-5.3-Power Macintosh-2.1/Scientific_netcdf.o...
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    Compile in C

    Hi, I downloaded a little software (AIFF writer sdev) from apple's website ( and I want to compile it. I just don't know how to! Could somebody explain me? Thankx r1ck5p
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    Silly malloc.h problem

    HI, I'm trying to install xmms using fink on my OS X box. But before, there are 39 packages I need to install in order to make xmms work. One of these packages is libmikmod (from The configuration step goes like in butter but when it comes to make, things hang. It says: make...
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    Lastest build

    HI, I just want to know what is the lastest build of Mac OS X available in the INternet. Thankx
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    ??? ldconfig ???

    I saw that command on Aterm's web site. What's that? Is there an equivalent in Darwin?? Thankx
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    Installing dillo

    hi, I'm trying to make work dillo on my OSX box. The configuration seems to go ok but when I'm trying to compile it, things get missed up: 02:33:56 [localhost:~/Desktop/dillo-0.6.0] r1ck5p$ ./configure loading cache ./config.cache checking for a BSD compatible install... (cached)...
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    Subtility of TerminalOpaqueness

    Hi, The 'defaults write TerminalOpaqueness' command is pretty cool to get the terminal window transparent. But when we set the variable to, for exemple, '0.45', the window is transparent but the text too. How can we get this text to be 100% opaque while the window is at 20...