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    Pinning the dock

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    Pinning the dock

    For those who like to pin the dock, it's real easy to do if you have the developer tools installed. Go to the preferences folder in the library folder that resides in your home directory. Double click on If the developer tools are installed, this will open in the...
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    Finder displaying available memory...

    Has anyone else noticed that the finder does not display the correct memory available, or that the memory available would change with a restart? I never noticed this until I logged in as root and the memory dropped by about 100megs. Well, then I decided to try the shutdown now command and...
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    Optical Mouse

    I recently purchaced an optical mouse so I could have a scroll wheel and a second button. Worked great under 9. Was working great on Linux, but then it would just stop working after about 5-10 mins of use on Linux. Well I installed X, and mouse worked great. Worked a good long time too...
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    The Apple Installer currently has a bug in it. If a program uses the installer, the permissions on the Applications folder are changed. My questions is... how do you fix this?
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    something interesting....

    Go to the Finder, click on applications. Now select a program, but don't open it. Now press control and click on the highlighted program. Select "Show Package Contents" Enjoy!
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    Something Peculiar

    Whenever I downloaded a program yesterday(Fire, Omniweb, OpenUp, etc) I could take the file and drop it in my applications folder. Now today when I tried to drop Macster b5.5 in there after installing it on my classic partition, it wouldn't allow me to do that. It said I didn't have permission...