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    setup 4k73 Good or bad idea?

    If you aren't a developer, but you are going to use build 4k73 untill you have saved up your money to buy the final build of OS X, is it a bad idea to put your information in the setup process? or does it really matter? I don't want apple kicking my ass for using their OS a little early.
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    Latest Mac OS X versions?

    Where is everyone getting these later builds of OS X 4K60 ect. ect. ?? I'm sure your all not developers.
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    -DVD Player or Emulator-

    I posted before but nobody replied and I still want to know... is there an app or emulator type thing to play DVD's on an original iMac 233MHz machine? please reply if you know or email me... thanks, peace
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    DVD Players and older iMac Models

    Anybody know of a way to play DVD's on an original bondi iMac 233?? there has got to be a way out there somewhere, even if its some dvd emulator or something, please let me know or email me. thanks..
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    Keyboard and Volume?

    I know this is a little off subject with OSX but doesnt anyone know how I can set my f1 - f12 keys to adjust my volume in OS 9.0.4? I know some people are able to but I can't figure it out. if anyone can help me out thanks.
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    Here's my suggestions (with screenshots)

    Don't mind this site, I whipped it up in about 20 mins. But on it are some suggested features that I think will be handy for the final release of Mac OS X. There are some ideas for the dock and other things that could improve the OS in my opinion. Please let me know what you think, I'm sure...
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    Needs to be restarted eh?

    First off I have an internet connection that kicks me off a lot, and in the previous Mac OS' what I would do to get connected again quick without having to restart is go to the TCP/IP control panel, switch the settings, save the changes, go back to TCP/IP control panel and change back to the...