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  1. polyex

    why would someone want such an old mac?

    Anyone know of a native APPLE II emulator for MacOS X?
  2. polyex

    Pre-Order 10.1?

    Want to be the first on the block to get it,Is this possible? Did not see anything on the Apple store, but I did not look real hard, and I was at work in a windows shop and Mac's are considered evil, so I only glanced at the page.
  3. polyex

    MacOS X Programming training

    Yes, my mistake its
  4. polyex

    MacOS X Programming training

    You can get good Cocoa training here: Hope it helps.
  5. polyex

    Steve Jobs Threw A Camera

    I saw he threw it, I thought I heard the audience gasp...
  6. polyex

    We have to pay for 10.1!!!

    Hmm, shipping anywhere in the U.S. should be NO MORE than $7.00 or so. That leaves $13.00 for "handling". Am I the only one that thinks $20.00 S&H for a "free" upgrade is a tad bit insulting to our intelligence here? -Adam :confused: