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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera! now has thier own cocoazilla based browser, Called ChimChim!! Excellent. Check it out here: ChimChim
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    has anyone tried to "Publish to web" in Corel Draw 10?

    If I try to do a publish to web in corel draw 10 (corel graphics suite) everything looks cool, except that every html page created is the same! each html output page is the current page. I can't figure it out. Anyone had better luck? Give it a shot. Make a couple pages, then write them...
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    How do I mkae an image from a cd with Disk Copy?

    Disk Copy will not let me select the cdrom drive. I want to try to copy a cd. as in, make an image of the cd, then burn that image to a new cd. It shows disk0, and disk1. Only disk0 can be selected. Anyone know the scoop? thanks!
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    OSX and Velocity engine

    Does OSX 10.1 really use the velocity engine of G4's for OS level stuff/functions? If so, can you point me to a location on apple's site that says so? Thanks for info!
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    Strange sound from HD after waking from sleep

    Hello, I have a QSDP800, after I wake the machine from sleep, every several minutes I will hear a strange sound come from the hard drive. It's a clicking/semi-grinding sound (not pleasant). I think it may sound a little like the sound the drive makes when I first wake the machine. In any...
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    util to use higher res than 1024x768

    I saw a 3rd party util that would allow you to use a higher res than 1024x768 on an imac, but now I cannot find it. I have hooked it up to a larger external monitor, but I am still stuck at 1024x768. Has anyone seen this util or know where I can get it? thanks
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    ProjectBuilderWO vs. ProjectBuilder

    Excuse my ignorance with the dev tools for OSX, but what is ProjectBuilderWO used for? Any docs that I have found are for ProjectBuilder (not WO). What is WO, and what is this version used for? thanks!