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    Eject Command

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    Eject Command

    I'm connecting my Mirror Door Mac to a Belkin KVM switcher. The switcher only allows me to control a Mac with a PS2 keyboard, hence I'm not able to Eject CD's. On our IRIX machine in the office I can eject a CD using a command called "eject" The eject command isn't part of OSX. I need to...
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    Sed and Regex

    I'm having a very difficult time with regular expressions embedded in "sed". Regex is not this difficult in BBedit. Hear is what I am try to do. 1. I have multiple lines of data that looks like this: 32.60815684 49.75617397 162.6619038 -16.19942851 11.2 -2.026439909e-016 2. I need...
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    Apple scripts from IRIX UNIX box

    Okay all this may sound a bit odd, but this is what I need to do. I have a Windows machine that is currently running a type of show control software controlling an SGI box. The SGI box is receiving commands to save out files on the SGI's local drive. The SGI's local drive is nfs shared on a...
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    tar files corrupting applications

    Okay so this 'ditto' command is very cool. I take it that this command is somewhat MAC OSX specific because it wasn't located on our IRIX machine. Anyhow, so now I'm happy. why use 'cp' over 'ditto'. I'm thinking of mapping the 'ditto' command to 'cp' in my .aliasrc file. Is this a good...
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    Formatting a database as an XML file

    Okay so this is the deal. I need a simple method for formating XML files. Ideally I would love to use Filemaker 5.5 for OSX and create a different field for each piece of data, then export the data formated as an XML file. Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to export data out of...
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    tar files corrupting applications

    Yes, I tryed to move the files/applications into a directory then tryed taring the new directory. No juice. A quick thought, is it possible that Alladdin's DropTar includes the resource fork? What is weird is that the move tool works perefectly but when I try to cp a file like...
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    tar files corrupting applications

    You know, I just got in the office to check my email this morning. I haven't been gziping my files, but this makes no difference. It appears as though I'm having a similar problem with the copy command. If you cp -r Acrobat\ Reader\ 5.0 it is also corrupted. Does the cp command have...
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    tar files corrupting applications

    In the process of finding a usable method of transferring files from machine to machine I started to use the tar command in the terminal. Unfortuantely I have been having some problems with certain applications. For example I have been trying to make a tar file of the application directory...
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    Authenticating root access to Netinfo

    In our office we have a boat load of machines that need to have OSX installed and need to be custom configured. I'm in the process of writting a shell script that configures our machines. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact commands to activate, authenticate root access through netinfo...
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    NetInfo Manager

    Net Info manager really needs some good documentation. The insides of this tool is really mystical to me and it's hard to figure out exactly how to get certain functionailty to work properly. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    Need help getting Shell Script Working in OSX

    Hiya Everyone, I need a bit of help from someone who is savy with shell scripts and osx. I have a shell script that I use on the SGI for renaming groups of files. It's pretty cool. Anyhow it works great under IRIX but has some difficulties under OSX because certain command run differently...
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    compiled version of Net PBM for OSX

    Has any one compiled netpbm for osx? I have netpbm on an SGI machine at work and it is a god sent application. I don't have any experience compliing software, but am very interested in finding a compiled version of netpb for OSX. Mike Romey
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    .rhost, hosts.equiv, host files

    First let me say that all of this is being set up behinf the security of a Firewall and I am working off of a private network of me, myself and I. I have also made sure to set up the permissions of all these files accordingly. Okay I think I got it. On the SGI machines I am logging in from...
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    .rhost, hosts.equiv, host files

    Hiya Everyone, I'm having some difficulty setting up my .rhost file and getting it to work correctly on my OSX box. Currently I have a few sgi machines. On my SGI machines I have correctly set up my .rhosts file. I'm trying to do the same on my OSX box with no luck. Currently I have...
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    .rhost, hosts.equiv, host files

    Hiya Everyone, I'm having some difficulty setting up my .rhost file and getting it to work correctly on my OSX box. Currently I have a few sgi machines. On my SGI machines I have correctly set up my .rhosts file. I'm trying to do the same on my OSX box with no luck. Currently I have...
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    Terminal Services

    How do you use terminal services? Has anyone had any luck? Can anyone share some examples or explain how the exsisting examples work? I tried to apply a terminal service to a field in the address book application but I didn't understand the data it returned. How do I learn how to make my own...
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    Alright, I'm really starting to like this hole OSX thing. From some advice from a few people on this list I have really customized my terminal. It really feels great. I'm a big advicate of finder pop and when I came to the conclusion that I couldn't have this functionality in OSX yet I was...
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    Terminal Services

    What do terminal Services do? How do you use them? It appears as though you can also apply a terminal service to a selection in other programs other than the terminal. I opened up the address book and selected a field and under the Address Book in the top left I was able to apply a service to...
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    Linked Applications

    Right now I have OSX set up to automatically open up a terminal when I log in. At our office, once upon a time we had a Unix guru come in and set up some stuff on our Unix box. He set up some commands/script/link to automatically open applications from a shell regardless of yuor location. For...