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    OS X and sleep

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    TIP: external drive error type -36

    Hi there: I was having trouble copying data to a hard drive. The drive was a LaCie Porsche external 250 GB. It wouldn't be able to copy files over about 128 kb, and the finder would give me errors of type -36. Peculiarly, copying from the command line worked, though. I was rather...
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    Safari helper apps

    Where does Safari store settings for helper apps? I ask because I've been checking my Vonage voicemail in that browser for the past couple of years, and now all of a sudden, when I download a voicemail message, it's using iTunes to playback the file, which is supremely annoying, since it adds...
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    SSH: where is my RSA key?

    Hi there. I have encountered a web host that is requiring me to store MY RSA key on their server in order to log in via SSH. How do I generate this? Where is it stored on OS X?
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    flaky firewire hard drive

    hey there. i have a fantom external firewire drive hooked uyp to my powerbook 12". it is holding, among other things, my itunes library. thing is, every once in a while itunes just stops playing, and it seems like the hard drive just stops feeding data. i shut off the hard drive, and get...
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    Apache + mod_rendezvous + virtual hosts?

    Hi there. I just installed the mod_rendezvous module for Apache, and it works fine. However, I have a bunch of local virtual hosts on that machine, which are called "", which I use to develop Web projects. Is there a way I can get those to also be visible on rendezvous?
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    Want to switch back to Eudora from Mail

    Hi there. I decided to make the jump to Mail from Eudora about two months ago, since Eudora's OS X support was iffy. Now, two months later, I just can't stand Mail anymore. It's got to be the most inefficiently coded program on my computer; it makes me feel like I'm using my old 6100 or...
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    Jaguar locks up when network-attached computer sleeps

    Hey all. Sorry about the long subject line, but that's the only way to describe this problem, which is infuriating. I constantly go back and forth between two machines sitting in front of me: a Titanium and a desktop G4. I check email on my laptop, and always keep it running, but...
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    Jaguar & OS 9 network connection failing

    Hi there. OK, so I occasionally have to go over to my girlfriend's house and directly hook up to her G4 using an ethernet crossover cable to get files, because we do work together sometimes and she is on a modem. Before I upgraded to Jaguar, it worked fine...just give both machines dummy...
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    eeek! M$ and OpenGL?!

    This article disturbs me. Yes, it's light on details, and so we shouldn't read too much into this. However, if SGI has sold Microsoft patents related to OpenGL, then Apple is in a potentially very bad situation. Apple has no 3D API, and creating one requires more than just programming...
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    Aqua & UI speed theories

    Hello. I've been using Mac OS X now for a month or so on my laptop (Titanium/400). Speed is other words, it's faster to use. But we all know that the speed of UI operations isn't what it was on OS 9 or what it is on Windows XP, either. Now, first of all, Aqua has a lot of...
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    OS X and sleep

    Hey there. I just got a Titanium/400 cheap, and so I've decoded to run X exclusively on it. I'm using it as a mobile/offline Web development box (PHP/MySQL). Anyway, the way sleep is handled in OS X is annoying me, and before I complain to Apple, I'd like to make sure I'm not being an...