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    Font Size

    Ok well this maybe a stupid question. what do you call in cocoa to change the size of text in a NSTextField i.e I don't really care what the font is I just want to make sure its 18 point. I want to do this programatically to. i.e not make the user pick a size.
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    Kernel panic

    Has anyone noticed that if you mount a smb volume go to the terminal and move a file from the smb volume to a local volume we get a nasty kernel panic? i.e mv /Volume/SomeSmbVolume/SomeFile ~/Desktop
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    AppleShare (or why doesn't macosx work like *nix)

    I have been trying to use macosx like a real unix operating system. I am coming to terms with netinfo stuff (very anoying) but somethings just don't seem to work the same. I have set up my macosx box with multiple users and i try and do all my work remotely via ssh as a privlidged user. The...