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    Apple doesnt want your ideas

    I was just reading on Apple's website about their policy on new ideas. Apparatently, they dont want any. Look here: It states: No sense to me. They take a UNIX stand, and then hurt the UNIX community.
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    I was wondering if you knew if the PowerMac G3 will support a PCMCIA CDROM? If not, where can I get a SCSI one for this notebook? -Travis
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    PowerBook Modem Problems

    I have a PowerBook G3. I use it most of the time at the office rather than home. Well at the office we are running a phone system. When you pick up the phone, you press '9' then the number you want to dial out (and if applicable a long distance code). Anyways, I need to dial out sometimes to...
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    Should I upgrade?

    I have a PowerBook G3 with 192M Ram in it. I was wondering if it is beneficial for me to upgrade to OS X or stay with 9.1 which is on it. I like what I see about OS X. If it is anything like UNIX, it will be easy since my job is UNIX Administration. I just dont know if this will allow me...