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    Dumb question?

    I've come back to after a few years away (mainly because I found answers to problems instantly on the web) and a lot has changed. However, I had an issue a few months ago and have a new one now. My profile tells me that I've never thanked the person(s) who helped me: that certainly...
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    Network not working

    Until a few days ago I had a self-installed, perfectly functioning power line wi-fi network based on the modem supplied by my ISP, a Time Capsule, three Zyxel PLA 4211 adapters (one hooked up to the Time Capsule, two in remote locations) and two Airport Expresses (also in the other locations...
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    Account confusion

    I reinstalled Mountain Lion, and after restarting was confronted with four different account names (three of them different ones I've created for myself. I've tried logging into all of them, and the passwords appear to be correct because the box doesn't shudder as it normally does when an...
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    Unzipping archive

    I've been using Macs for eight years and never had this problem before today. If I unzip an archive folder, no matter where I put it on my Mac, it alway opens in the same folder, one where I don't want it. I've been into Archive Utility preferences and selected "Save expanded files: into the...