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    Defrag with Command Line?

    I was in the Apple Store in Palo Alto the other day and I was talking to some workers there and one said it may be possible to defragment one's hard drive through the command line. I have an iMac DV with OS X 10.1.3 and OS 9.2.2 on seperate partitions. I want to defrag the OS 9 side without...
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    Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase?

    has anyone heard anything about the progress on OS X versions of Digidesign Pro Tools, or MOTU's Digital Performer? I haven't even heard anything about Cubase yet. Audio apps are sorely behind the times. Photoshop is out, many word processing, image, and video apps are released. I'm...
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    Change file ownership?

    does anybody know if it is possible to change a file's owner from one user to another? if so, how...? cheers, the smiling goat p.s. happy thanksgiving y'all
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    Backing up multiple users under OS X.1?

    hey i'm gonna reformat my disk with one partition 5gig 9.2.1 and the other 5gig OS X (i'm stuck on a 10gig iMac drive). i have to back up all the user info for each user. when i try to copy each user file over, Mail won't let me, giving me error -43, "The file cannot be found." if i back up...
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    Upgrade to 10.1 straight from 10.0.3?

    i'm gonna reformat my drive before installing 10.1 cause i created a 3 gig partition for 10.0.4 which is way too small for my primary os. i'm on a modem so i want to update from 10.0.3 (the version on my cd) straight to 10.1. is this possible? or do i have to take up the intermediate step to...
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    Moved AppleWorks, can no longer print

    hi, when i upgraded to AppleWorks 6.2, it installed itself in the home directory of my os x partition. So i logged in to root and moved the appleworks folder to the applications folder. now when i tell appleworks to print, the command does not make it to print center, resulting in a lack of...