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    e-mail question

    This is a silly one, but I can't find the answer. We switched to the Mac Mail program and I like it but I can't figure out how to change people's name. For example -- the e-mail stays the same but the person at the work station is different. I thought I found the answer but I could not...
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    IP vs. Apple Talk

    I have all mac computers, but have a little trouble with the printers behaving. We are on OS 10.4 and our tekkie dude set us up with IP printing. I think we have more problems with that than we should. BTW -- the printers we use are Xante aw1200. Thoughts?
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    Keyboard Multi Character

    I work at a newspaper and we are trying to upgrade to OSX. It is working for the most part except the fact that when I type I get multi charcters from time to time. That is not good for a news paper. The word "as" can be assssssss or worse ... much worse ... ass. I have run "coctail" a tone...