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    Interface is not stable? What?

    I have a Firewire Direct 20x/10x/40x CD burner (Firewire...obviously....Yamaha Mechanism) that always worked perfectly fine in OS 9.x. iTunes 2 does not support my burner, so I use Toast 5 Titanium Release 2 for OS X 10.1. The disk(s) burn fine, but when I try to erase a CD-RW disk, I get the...
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    CD-RW drive

    I have a Firewire Direct Yamaha 20x CD-RW drive, and iTunes does not support it. That wouldn't be a problem, but it appears that OS X 10.1 doesn't support it either. If I put a CD in the drive, nothing disk is mounted. I recently found iTunes 2 on Hotline (iTunes is free), and...
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    MicroSloth Windose XP report

    My dad's Dell laptop was stolen a couple of weeks ago, so he had to order a new one. I asked him what OS he chose...he said the Dell salesman told him not to get XP, and recommended that he get Win2k instead. Hmmm...interesting. Why would a Dell rep do that? It's my dad's personal computer...
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    Text Edit and HTML

    Nevermind...I figured it out. If anyone else was having this problem, just go to Preferences, and check the "Ignore Rich Text Commands" in the bottom right hand corner. cutman
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    Text Edit and HTML

    Hello all. I want to use Text Edit to write my web pages in HTML, but I am having trouble viewing pages that I made in Simpletext. All of the pages that I previously made have the extension, .html, and they show up fine on the internet. When I double click these same .html files in OS X 10.1...
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    Issues with 5G59

    Trey, How do I set the r_smp equal to one? I have no idea how to do what you suggested. Thanks. cutman
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    Issues with 5G59

    Sorry, I just realized that I'm an idiot. First of all, I can't seem to select my TV as an extra monitor. I use the S-Video output on the Radeon a lot, and in OS 9 I can go to the ATI Displays control panel and just select to output to the TV. In OS X, I thought that all you had to do to...
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    Issues with 5G59

    I have OS X 10.1 build 5G59, and it is very nice. I don't want to hear anything about where I got it or anything...I am a loyal Mac user who has purchased the Public Beta, OS X 10.0, and I will pay the $20 next week. I have an AGP Radeon, and 1) I can't seem to figure out how to use my...
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    ATI Radeon in OS X

    Hello everyone. In OS 9.1, there is an ATI button at the top right of the screen. This button lets me access the ATI control panel, which then lets me use my TV as my monitor. I watch a lot of movies on my computer, so this feature is very important to me. I use the S-Video out on my AGP...
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    RAM for OS X

    Well, I decided to use, and I must say that I'm very impressed. I decided just to get PC-100 CL2...that is what my Mac came with, so that is what I will use! I ordered 3 256 MB Dimms on Wednesday, and it was waiting for me yesterday afternoon (Thursday). I must say that it was a...
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    IE 5.1 Preview Crash?

    Just recently, IE 5.1 started to mess up in OS X. When I try to quit the App, the colorful wheel starts spinning...and spinning...and spinning, and it never quits. I have to Force Quit, then everything goes back to normal. Has this happened to anyone else? Can I fix it? Thanks. Cutman
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    RAM for OS X

    I looked at the RAM that came with my computer, and it is Samsung PC-100 (256 DIMM). If I removed the PC-100 and replaced it with 2 512 PC-133, would the PC-133 still run slower? I would like to have the PC-133 in case I upgrade, but I don't want it to slow down my current machine.
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    RAM for OS X

    I just looked at the RAM on, and the price difference between 512 MB of SD-RAM PC-133 and 256 MB of SD-RAM PC-100 is huge! $269 for 512 or $39 for 256! Is PC-133 really going to be slower in my Sawtooth G4 than PC-100 will be? I don't want to get anything that will slow me down...
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    Sound Blaster Live! ?

    Does anyone know if the Creative Sound Blaster Live! PCI sound card works in OS X yet? I was going to get one a while ago, but it said that it only worked in 9 or it compatable with X yet? Thanks. cutman
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    Could someone please confirm for me that I have the G4 Sawtooth? Remember when Apple went from 400, 450, and 500 MHz models down to 350-450? Well, I got a 500 AFTER they went back to 500 mHz and before they went to dual processors, and I have an AGP video card (Radeon). I think this means I...
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    RAM for OS X

    I think I have the Sawtooth Motherboard, because my computer has an AGP slot. Is PC-100 (or whatever it's called) the only type of RAM that I can get, or is PC-133 an option? 512 MB of PC-100 would help OS X, wouldn't it? Thanks.
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    RAM for OS X

    I know that with OS X, the more Ram the better, so my question is: What kind of Ram should I get and where should I get it from? I have a G4 500 Mhz (single processor) with 256 MB in a single Dimm. I would like a minimum of 512 so that my computer lasts until the G5 is released (I try to...
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    Security: I'm sort of scared...

    I have a 500 SP G4 with 256 Megs of Ram, and I hose my own webpage using Apache on OSX. I also have a cable modem. My computer has always been noisy (it always seems to be working on something), and now that I have OS X, I haven't shut it down in over a month. The other night, I noticed that...
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    10.0.4 Released

    I just got home from work, and for the first time in weeks the software update is actually doing something!! I'm downloading the upgrade now...we'll see what it changes.