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    Damn dock problem in 10.1, helppppppp

    damn i cant type- I meant cant move the dock from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I am having a bad day. :mad:
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    Damn dock problem in 10.1, helppppppp

    I just installed 10.1. Woohoo it seems great except I cant get my dock to become unstuck from the right side of the screen- it is 'pinned' to the right on the bottom of the screen and I can get it central. Now when using 10.0.4 I used a nifty little app docking manouvres to moce the dock around...
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    Silly Dock Trick

    I dont know if you guys knew this already, so if ya do I apologise... If you control click while minimizing a window- either by double clicking the bar or clicking the little gem '-' button- it moves slightly slower into the dock. If you shift click it goes slower still. If you control AND...