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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    I just feel that this is the start of bad things for Apple again. Having to pay for an UPGRADE that FIXES BUGS is not the correct way to approach this. You want my 20 bucks, no problem. I love Apple enough to give them that. But I want more than just bug fixes next time. However, I did read that...
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    I heard that you can use the "coupons" that came with OS X retail version (not beta) to get the OS X 10.1 update for free. Anyone else hear this or is the Microsoft influence really starting to show thru (paying for updates to BROKE software. Yes, OS X is broke. You can't play DVD's on the...
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    Console Heaven!

    Some of you may know this already, but here it is anyway: To skip the Aqua interface, at the login prompt enter ">console" with no password and hit return. You will then be greated by a text login prompt. Simply enter your current user name and password. Pretty cool for the unix/linux CLI...