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    How to get ASP working on OS X?

    How i can work ASP pages into OS X Server 10.1?
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    X.1... where is 'make'?

    I've been installer OS X Server 10.1 and i want to run ASP into my server... so I've tried to install Instant ASP.. but i have not a crack and the license is too expensive... so i've decided to install Apache::ASP module... but......... When i try to install any type of module (CPAN, ASP...
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    CGI & PERL on OS X Server 10.1... HELP ME!!!

    I've just installed OS X Server 10.1 and it's all running fine... all excluding PERL!!! That's a real big problem cause i use intensively Perl... I get an error of "Internal Server Error" and i cannot do anything. The scirpt is correct The path to Perl is correct The CGI-permission are...
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    Mounting Windows NT/2000 Volumes in OS X

    I have a big.. big problem. I'm currently running OS X 10.1 (build 5G64) and i cannot mound Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 volumes via AppleTalk (all the PC have PC MACLAN or the MacFile service activated)... it's a bug? What i can do? :confused: