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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    will not make the finder any faster. Programs written in the Cocoa API are not inherently faster than Carbon or any other API come to that. OmniWeb is pure Cocoa and its window sizing is just as crap as the finder. The core window sizing routines are to blame. Optimize them and everything will...
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    OSX 10.1 on FTP/Web in UK

    If you're really eager then go find an Apple Centre and pick a copy up . Loads of them have still got them. Otherwise,if you're not as eager as yo say you are, you'll have to wait. Brad
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    Irish & British Users

    I had the same problem as you. The solution? Phone them! 7 - 10 days wait but I got the update from my local Apple centre (6 miles away). No dev tools though so I'm glad I ordered as well. It totally rocks btw! Brad
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    First of all, okay I am chilled. Secondly re 4 cds I'm telling you what I've heard from ADC developers. We'll see come 26th Sep. The dev tools that ship with 10.0 do NOT work with 10.1. You're telling me Apple are gonna let me upgrade and then tell me my dev tools don't work any more and I...
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    The developer tools will be updated e.g. Objective C++ compiler. Not everyone has a Cable modem so the 9.21 upgrade is not easily available to everyone and for these people a CD copy of the upgrade would be welcome. As I say, if you bought OS X 10.0 without reading reviews then you get what...
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    Help! Cin killed Cout ...

    I'm short on time so look at the code, try it to prove to yourself that it works then read up on the function. Note that IMHO this is not a bug in Mac OS X. I believe the specification for the functions are so wooly that different implementations will work differently. VC++ on windows has a...
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    Attachments in

    None of the attachments I send from my Work machine (Win 2k) are extractable in the Eudora, outlook express, hell every other email client just knows that there are attachments and lets me extract them. What's up with the built in Mail app? Is this a known problem? Anyone know if...
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    There's no denying that 15 pounds more than covers CD production costs, packaging and postage I guess so they (Apple) will definately profit out of this. I'm looking at it from more of a developers viewpoint. 10.1 will provide me with an Objective-C++ compiler, which I desperately want. 15...
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    PC professionals had to pay to "upgrade" from NT to Win 2000 and now they'll have to pay another $100 to upgrade from Win 2000 to XP. The cost of buying Mac OS X outright is what, $100? and then $20 for the upgrade. I just don't see how anyone can say that microsoft are fairer about upgrades...
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    Hi, MacOS 9.21 is available for download from Apple. Just in case any of you didn't alreayd know.
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    Whats the Difference?

    Machine code is the most efficient in terms of runtime speed and the most inefficient in terms of code maintenance :-) If God could program he would use C++. I hate Obj C but I may switch my views over the next few months as I use it more. Multiple inheritance and template classes are...
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    I need to create an application with cocoa that ...

    Firstly I'd say 98% of applications do something other than what you describe. Maybe 98% of what you do matches that spec,. Anyway - - with Java or Objective C ? Either - what database do you use to store the data ? Pick one e.g. MySQL, Filemaker Can't help on the rest. Brad
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    I agree tenHead. We're off topic now. I'll start a (nother) carbon and (as opposed to Vs) cocoa thread in an appropriate forum. Brad
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    They stole our Duck!!

    Senne wrote: - Question: Did anyone ever heard about Belgium? Before we talked about it? If yes: What did you hear about Belgium? Answer: Yep. I heard of it. Just across the pond if I recall correctly. I've even been to visit. Nice place to cycle 'cos it's pretty flat. Has the added bonus...
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    tenhead wrote - "Why hasn't anyone written a Cocoa sequencer?" Do you mean "Why hasn't someone written a sequencer that runs natively under MacOS X?". If so then it's probably because the MIDI specs only came out a short while ago. I know this doesn't help but it may answer your question...
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    Browserwar turnaround?

    Just tried Netscape 6.1 on MacOS X and I like it. I've also put it on the Win2K machine at work. It's looking like this will be my browser of choice. We shall see! OmniWeb is without a doubt the best looking Browser the world has ever seen but it's real slow. Even with a cable modem...