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    Are there extension-like entities in X?

    I think veryone is a bit puzzled about issues like this.
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    The final menu bar solution!

    In other words, Strobe: fuck off and die.
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    fonts in OSX

    These are the fonts supported by Mac OS X: TrueType Postscript Data Font Suitcases (.dfont) -> single file format TrueType PC -> single file format TrueType Collections
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    Fonts act funny in Mac OS X

    You are right. After removing them from the OS 9 System Folder, they also disappeared from the Font Panel. That's funny.
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    MacOS X Install Problems (Please Help)

    Jesus! Come on, you don't expect Mac OS X to run on that junkyard, do you?
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    How are you guy partitionning your HD?

    I hate Classic, so I don't install OS 9.1. I partition my drive in three pieces: one called System HD, where I install my OS X, one called Application HD, where I install third-party applications that don't need to be in the Applications folder of OS X and one called Data HD. If I get an...
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    Fonts act funny in Mac OS X

    I'm currently running some research on Mac OS X and Fonts. I removed all fonts that resident in the user folder and in the library/fonts folder. I removed unneccesary fonts out of the system/library/fonts (don't remove LucidaGrande.dfont as your OS X will fail to log in). Now when I log out and...
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    OS X 4L5

    Nobody got it through the Software Update. Everyone that put it on their iDisks, removed it theirselves after a couple of hours, maybe minutes.
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    Cubase users: OS X forces Classic to use virtual memory!

    Not directly connected to this thread, but you can find folders named VST in one of the folders in de users directory. Don't know why it's there, but could be a hint. There's also a folder in the same location named DigiDesign.
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    USB Printer Sharing

    Not implemented in OS X yet. Sorry.
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    OS-X on Cube?

    Things improved a lot for me with the update (yeah, yeah, I know it's not official) on my Cube. However, I will install it on a G4/677 on monday as I will be using that machine on our wednesday seminar about OS X. I'll keep you posted.
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    Default settings for Mail

    Nope VGZ, whatever you use (IMAP4 or POP3), messages get not deleted from the server by default. However you can adjust this in the prefs of the
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    OS X 4L5

    I Installed the update and indeed, the About window now shows version 10.0.1 (Build 4L5). Speed has improved, but weird behaviour under certain circumstances did not. For instance: when Classic is running (once and for all: Classic is a bitch), it can happen that an app bounces forever when...
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    Fonts! How do they work?

    Yeah, I know all that. All I wanna know is: if you put them there, are they activated and using memory?
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    Mac OS X feedback page is back.

    I think that just about every app that comes preinstalled with Mac OS X should be Cocoa. I mean, it's their RAD API, so why don't they use(d) it? By the way: I know why: time.
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    Fonts! How do they work?

    Does anyone have any idea how fonts work in OS X. Are all installed fonts, wherever they are (library/fonts, system/library/fonts or in a users library/fonts directory), active? Are they actived when selected in an application? Me, I don't have a f**king idea...
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    Apple Rules!

    Originally posted by deltaflyer Tie... "- A disk can't be ejected until you restart, whether or not it's in use." What sort of disks are you refering to (CD, floppy, USB)? Tiens, I never had any problem with that so far. What makes me kinda sick, is all those people jerking...
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    X slower on the Cube?

    I don't think X is slower on a 450Mhz Cube when compared with a G4 450Mhz Single CPU machine. It sure feels slower then running Mac OS 9, but that's a problem everybody has with X
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    Kernel panic

    Oh great, nobody knows how to recover form a kernel panic.
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    This OS is not ready...

    I never knew a .o version that was any good. Every .0 version of software and even an OS get's a .0.1 or .1 very soon (remember 7.0, remember 8.0, remember 9.0 and all those other applications).