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    iSub Cubed?

    where does it say that on macintouch? I wonder if it was a reader report or something more substantial. If so... whehew!
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    How to? RE:Sound up/down buttons and...

    see my edit for the reason your second option doesn't appeal to me. Turning the alert sound volume down doesn't work! You'd think so, but nope. oy.
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    How to? RE:Sound up/down buttons and...

    that annoying bleeping "purr"-like sound that occurs when you raise or lower the can I disable that? More clearly put... When you adjust the volume (via menubar or keyboard) the system alert sound is played. I can minimize the effect by choosing "pop" as my system alert...
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    recieving html code in Mail

    old post: (When I recieve html-rich email, creates a MIME attachment that I cannot view. Is this something that is easily fixed within OS X, it a bug?) I've narrowed the issue down to any email that contains an attachment. In other words, I can send myself a rich-text email...