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  1. Kinniken

    Activating root user

  2. Kinniken

    Sorting a vector of pointers?

    Hi, I have a vector of objects "students" with an overload < operator which allows me to sort it with the following command: sort(students_list->begin(), students_list->end()); This works fine. However, I need to do the same with a vector of pointers to students. Is there a way I can use...
  3. Kinniken

    Compiling wxWidgets for 10.4?

    Hi, I have a project to do in C++ with the wxWidgets UI libraries. I downloaded the latest stable release (2.6) from the official website ( configure runs fine, but when trying to compile it using make I get: Now, since it mentions webkit extensively...
  4. Kinniken

    Installing Tiger DVD on a mac without a DVD drive?

    Hi, I'm wondering wether I should buy the Tiger CD or DVD family pack. All my computers save one have a DVD reader, and I appreciate the convenience of having the OS on a single disk. However, I also want to be able to install it on an old iMac G3 with only a CD-RW. Is there a way for me to do...
  5. Kinniken

    Routing non-Ethernet/Airport interface?

    Hi, in order to have unrestricted access to the internet from my dorm I have set up a VPN using OpenVPN between it and an other mac at home. This VPN uses the tun1 network interface from the tunnel.kext extension, which does not appear in the list of interfaces in the "sharing" system...
  6. Kinniken

    SSH through HTTP/HTTPs proxy?

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone here knows how to run an ssh connection though an HTTP or HTTPs proxy, in order to use port-forwarding. I've heard of the command-line utility corkscrew, which is supposed to do this, but I cannot manage to compile it - when running its configure command, I...
  7. Kinniken

    Finding out the ports used by AoE II

    Hi, I need to find out the ports used by Ages of Empire II (Gold version). If anyone either knew them or could give me a way to find them myself, that would be great! Thanks.
  8. Kinniken

    Setting up port forwarding on Panther machine

    Hi, my problem is the following: I have two iMacs running Panther networked via Airport. iMac A is connected to the web via a cable modem and is set up as a software base station for iMac B, giving B an internet connection. iMac A has a non-local IP given by my ISP, iMac B only a local IP...
  9. Kinniken

    conio.c for OS X?

    Hi, does anyone know if the conio.c library is available for Mac OS X? TIA, Kinniken
  10. Kinniken

    Compiling X11 program with g++

    Hi, I need to compile a code exemple which includes X11 windows with g++; the code in question was intended for UNIX. When compiling, I get many failures to link to X11 libraries; I guess it is only a problem of those libraries being somewhere else on OS X. Can any one help? Simply knowing...
  11. Kinniken

    Using the iTMS from outside the US?

    Hi, I remember reading not long after the iTMS's launch of a way for non-Americans to buy songs by buying temporary American credit cards from a net-based company, or something like that. Has anyone ever heard of that, or better yet, used it yourself? With the euro rising fast, CD prices...
  12. Kinniken

    Best Java dev tools for Panther?

    Hi, I'm new to java programming and I need to develop small graphic programs for University. Right now I'm using the command-line Javac compiler, but I'm wondering what graphic RDE are available for Java on the mac, and which one I should pick if there are several. TIA, Kinniken
  13. Kinniken

    C++ compiler needed FAST

    Hi, I have a programming assignment due for monday and I'm at home on my parents' iMac, which does not have the dev tools... I'm downloading the dev tools from Apple's website, but it looks like it is going to take 24 hours, which does not leave me time enough to finish my assignment. Does...
  14. Kinniken

    [g++] re-using an ifstream

    Hi, I need to read a file twice in one of my algorithm. My code, simplified, looks like that: ifstream ifile;, ios::in); //lots of code reading data using .get() ifile.close();, ios::in); //an other batch of code using .get()...
  15. Kinniken

    String class for g++ under OSX?

    Hi, does anyone know if a string class similar to the one available for many UNIX (AIX in my case) exists for the mac? I have a university project based on it I need to work on at home, and without the class I'm stuck. And no, I can't redo it with pointers ;) TIA, Kinniken
  16. Kinniken

    Low-CPU usage MP3 radio software?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program for listening to MP3 radios with small CPU requirements (unlike iTunes). I use mpegToaster to listen to MP3s while playing games since it only uses 2-3% of CPU on my iMac 600 compared to 15-20% for iTunes, but it does not play Internet radios...