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    Code Weavers for Mac

    Code weavers has released a beta of its Mac WINE software ..anyone care to check it out?
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    Intel via remote desktop

    Many will think me mad, but I want to run a Mac Mini Intel via remote desktop to my G4 1.25 Dual, so I can use Windows on my G4 at near native speeds. Of course you get the bonus of a speedy new Mac, too - probably faster than the G4. My question is, can this be done via Apple's remote...
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    How far away?

    Hi, I am a networking newbie and so far it is doing my head in! I have had endless trouble trying to connect a wireless ethernet bridge to my iMac but it has been so traumatic I'm not even going to go there. Really, you don't want to know! :( Instead I intend to run a cable from the iMac...
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    iMovie clicks and pops

    Hi, Can anyone explain why, when I add titles - and sometimes transitions - in iMovie I get clicks and pops on the soundtrack? I can clean these up with Protools but it's a time waster. Any ideas? Thanks (using iMovie 4 on a G4 1.25 GHz DP)
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    For anyone who bought a G5 and absolutely MUST run PC software, the news that Microsoft has so far failed to update VPC for the G5 is a blow ... However, the UK Mac magazine MacUser is advising this interesting alternative. I haven't tried it...