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  1. homer

    Incredibly loud modem

  2. homer

    Firmware update killed my G4

    I, on the other hand, installed the firmware update on my dual 867, and now my combo drive won't read discs. Zapping the PRAM fixed nothing. Yikes!
  3. homer

    iTunes 3.0.1 update out

    Does anyone else's Software Update keep reporting that iTunes 3.0.1 is not installed (after it's been downloaded and installed twice already)?
  4. homer

    VPN PPTP client and sleep

    Yeah, that's the solution I'm trying to avoid.
  5. homer

    VPN PPTP client and sleep

    On my newly installed cable modem system, I'm required to establish a VPN connection to my university. I accomplish that using Jag's built-in PPTP client in Internet Connect. When I put the machine to sleep, Internet Connect disconnects. I would much prefer to maintain that connection, as I seem...
  6. homer

    A really good deal for students!

    D'oh! Sorry about that. :o I did find the site later anyway. . . . I'll almost definitely be jumping on the Adobe bandwagon. Now to convince my work to dump QuarkXPress (no one there has actually it used it anyway, so changing to InDesign should be painless).
  7. homer

    A really good deal for students!

    Where did you find this? I went to the Education Store, and couldn't find it. :confused: This is a sweet deal. I don't want to miss it. :eek:
  8. homer

    Chimera > iWeb

    Did you say EyeBrows? ;) :p but yes, I was excited when I read that Hyatt had been successfully courted by Apple. Bring on the Apple-branded browser (and make sure it uses tabs)! The other consideration is, did Apple bring him on board just to improve Sherlock's Internet capabilities?
  9. homer

    Coursey's take on .Mac

    Is that because of Coursey's interpretation of this strategy heralding an end to Apple's reliance on MicroSloth for Office? Or something else?
  10. homer

    To Jaguar or not to Jaguar?

    This one's a no-brainer. Jaguar makes OS X primetime (and not 10.1, as Steve would have had us believe). Sure, 10.1 is usable on my bondi iMac, but this baby's definitely getting an upgrade. :cool:
  11. homer

    Official MacWorld Keynote Discussion Thread

    I would agree, but my wife sometimes needs to listen to realaudio stuff for classes. D'oh! :rolleyes:
  12. homer

    Official MacWorld Keynote Discussion Thread

    I got my mpeg-4 stream going a few minutes after the address started, and ti was great, until my connection got dumped. I reconnected moments later w/o any problems at all. Good picture all the way, good audio. It was a great experience (other than for the lack of new PMs :( ) :)
  13. homer

    10.2 in August!

    You were right indeed. I would imagine that there won't be an upgrade price (except for the nominal fee for the up-to-date program). But anyway, who am I to hazard a guess?
  14. homer

    Official MacWorld Keynote Discussion Thread

    I just got itunes 3 from No problem d/ling it there.
  15. homer

    Official MacWorld Keynote Discussion Thread

    My download attempt of iTunes3 was refused. D'oh!:eek:
  16. homer

    Apple Security Update

    Mine says 1.4.6
  17. homer

    MS does .mac one better...

    MicroSloth: finding gaudier, unhelpful ways to do things the Mac already does (and has done for years). D'oh! :rolleyes:
  18. homer

    Apple Security Update

    No kernel panics for me either. This machine has been rock solid since 10.1.5 (I was having some weird crashes before 10.1.5 though).