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  1. homer

    Incredibly loud modem

  2. homer

    VPN PPTP client and sleep

    On my newly installed cable modem system, I'm required to establish a VPN connection to my university. I accomplish that using Jag's built-in PPTP client in Internet Connect. When I put the machine to sleep, Internet Connect disconnects. I would much prefer to maintain that connection, as I seem...
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    BOOOOO for the Lakers

    There. I said it. :o themacko? Any comments? :D
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    The bug is back!

    Anyone remember that thread about that bug where you open the About This Mac window and then drag an icon on top of the window which results in an instant logout and login again? I looked for that thread and couldn't find it. Anyway, it's BA-A-A-CK. I think it was fixed in 10.1.4 (or...
  5. homer

    Closing tabs in Mozilla

    I seem to have difficulties closing tabs with the keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla. I use Command-W (or Apple-W if you prefer), and most of the time it doesn't work. Sometimes it does. I just can't figure it out. Has anyone else had this behavior? Before anyone asks if I'm pressing the keys...
  6. homer

    Mozilla and cookies

    Okay, I have this problem (minor though it is) that Mozilla seems not to store my cookies--it forces me to log in every time I restart the browser. I checked the prefs, and my cookies are enabled, so I would think that they should just stay around. Mozilla in Windows and Linux does...
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    Jelsoft Enterprises

    Admin (or anyone else): What's Jelsoft? Just curious. . . :)
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    Google vs Teoma death-match

    Okay, Teoma has been out for a while now. What are you impressions about it? I've used it a few times, but I've found Google to be better every time. Anybody have any different experiences?
  9. homer

    Mount Rainier?

    I just ordered a 40x12x48 Teac CD-RW drive for my PeeWee (which makes me ask a question: why can't Apple get on the ball and improve the writing speed of the SuperDrive?--but that's a topic for another thread). Anyway, this drive is advertised as supporting the Mount Rainier format which, as I...
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    what, nothing about IE 5.1.4?

    Versiontracker is reporting IE 5.1.4 available through Software Update (I'm not at my Mac right now). Can it be that I'm the first to report it? :p
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    WMA8 vs MP3 death-match

    Well, I don't know where the appropriate place is to discuss this, but I thought I'd give this forum a shot. What do you think about M$'s claim that WMA8 encoding is better than MP3, preserves the CD quality better, and with better compression. Do you audiophiles out there agree? Any...
  12. homer

    what are the stuck processes?

    I was wondering how to determine (using the top command) what processes are stuck, that I may kill them? Is there any indication about stuck processes that I've overlooked? Any help?
  13. homer

    Dvorak, what is it good for?

    Here's to a thread devoted to all things Dvorak (BTW, does anyone catch my reference in the subject line--"a shiny new Donkey to whomever" comes up with it--and to the reference that I just now made as well. Anyway, any thoughts on this topic? Starting, maybe with this article...
  14. homer

    What monitor should I get?

    I'm looking into getting a new monitor, and I'm curious as to what your opinions are. I think I want to get a 17" LCD display, but I want some recommendations. Apple display is out--too pricey, and I need one compatible with both my PC (for now) and a new Powermac (whenever I should get that)...
  15. homer

    Can I SSH or FTP w/o an IP address?

    I've got a PC (Windows/Linux) and a Mac connected via crossover cable, and I can mount the Windows shares just fine from the Mac. However, I'd like to be able to SSH or FTP to the Mac from the PC, but my Mac doesn't display an IP address before I get online (56K modem). Once I've been online...
  16. homer

    what kind of a language is english?

    If anyone can come up with a grammatically legitimate English sentence that uses five "that"s in a row, I'll hand out a prize. BTW, it exists. I just have to say that I'm very glad to have english as a first language (sympathy to everyone else--at least, all non-native english speakers who...
  17. homer

    curses on the snowgods

    Does this dang weather piss anyone else off? I couldn't make it to Milwaukee for my NBA game. To make it worse, they lost in overtime. OVERTIME!!! Three-pointer with 0.2 seconds left. curse you, stoudamire! a foot of snow in March? Who would've thunk it, after this winter? D'oh...
  18. homer

    Incredibly loud modem

    Ever since installing 10.1.3, the volume of my modem connecting has been killing me. And I haven't changed the system volume. Any clues? gracious. I'm gonna have to encase my poor little imac in cork or something.