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    Filesharing in mixed network

    I've a mixed network: A Vigor 2600 DSL modem/router, conected by ethernet to my G5 and laser printer and Airport Express Base Station, wich sends the signal to my PB G4 with an airport extreme card. The problem is that in the PB I can browse the internet, use the printers, but can't see the...
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    Can't publish ical calendars. As root can.

    When I try to publish a calendar witn iCal in my .Mac account, it starts the process, and when it finishes, the iCal applications presents the published icon in the calendar, but the iCal aplication freezes, the menu items are all gray, and when i click in the iCal window, it makes a "plung"...
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    Can't publish iCal Calendars

    When I try to publish a calendar from iCal on my .Mac account, the application freezes. After the calendar is (apparently) published, the same calendar presents the published icon, but the iCal application freezes, all the menus appear in gray collor (not usable) and when I click in anny part of...
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    Aculaser C1900PS

    Where can I find the PPD for the Epson Aculaser C1900PS. I've a PM G5 DP1.8, with Mac OS X 10.3.2 and an Epson Aculaser C1900PS (conecter with the mac by ethernet) in witch I put an Adobe PostScript 3 module from Epson. When I install the new drivers from Epson site, the Adobe programs don't...
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    New install of Panther in a Dual 1.8 G5

    I,ve a new dual 1.8 G5, the problem is when I started the mac and after the system instalation, the OS stuks in the the welcome greetings and basic settings. I Choose the language (Portuguese) and then I can't choose the keyboard layout. When I go back and forward, the setting continue untill...
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    Eudora crash

    Today the e-mail program Eudora started to crash every time I try to change the Fonts & Display in the Eudora Settings. I'm using Eudora 6.0.1 and Mac OS 10.3. I've deleted the setting files, erased and instaled the application without positive results.
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    OpenOffice & Panther

    I've installed Mac OS X 10.3 in a PowerMac G4, I've installed also the X11 application that came with the Mac OS Panther. When I tried to install the last OpenOffice 1.0.3 the installed crashed before the end. I had instaled previously installed X11 beta and OpenOffice 1.0.3 but trashed it...
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    Eject key not working

    I'm using Panther 7b85 in a G4 866. Te problema is thar the eject an sound volume keys don't work. In my iBook everything works fine. Somebody told me tha could be a problem with font conflits (because Font Catalog loads also the fonts from mac OS 9). How do I test font conflits? Tks
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    Bokia 6310i

    i've a nokia 6310i, and a Bluetooth ZIO USB adapter (from SCM The mac sees the mobile fone and the mobile phone sees the mac. but I cant put them taalking togheter. The iSync don't see the mobile phone. And I'd like to konw how to configure the phone and the mac to...
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    HD partition as home folder

    I'd like to know if is possible choose a HD partition as my home folder.
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    print center crash

    I can't print and I can't also open the print center because it crashes all the time. I've one HP 2100 TN (ethernet) conected with my G4 (macos X 10.0.4).
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    MacOS X & ISDN

    I've a isdn line, connected to one USB port on my B&W G3. But the network panel preferences only show the internal modem port and the ethernet port. How can I make the mac OS X use the usb port for conecting with de modem. The modem is a Draytek Vigo 204. TKS.