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  1. ablack6596

    GTA San Andreas prob.....

    I didn't read more than the first page. It's obviously not a 100% legal copy because it hasn't been released for Mac OS X. It's an unofficial Cider port, which means it's basically running in WINE. I would find your saved game, back it up, erase everything else, and reinstall if it actually...
  2. ablack6596

    EA Games

    That was sort of the point of everything under the first line, which is 90% of the post....
  3. ablack6596

    Using iPhone with Verizon?

    No. Verizon doesn't use the same type of network as about 90% of the cell service companies in the world. The iPhone is made to work on this type of network. Both T-Mobile and ATT use it in the US. Therefore an unlocked iPhone can only be used with either T-Mobile or ATT while you're in the US.
  4. ablack6596

    Anyone know if it will be possible to use internet connection sharing?

    I finally got around to testing it.
  5. ablack6596

    EA Games

    PC games are normally $50. Only PS3, 360, or special collectors editions are $60. However it's still true that games are often more expensive for OS X. They often come out later, when the Windows version can be found in bargain bins, or stores just don't offer discounts on them. You can...
  6. ablack6596

    EA Games

    Well I know BF2142 is working unofficially through Cider right now. ;)
  7. ablack6596

    Anyone know if it will be possible to use internet connection sharing?

    I'm actually not in the US now, and won't be back until the 12th. I had already left before any of this stuff was working on the iPhone. I definitly plan on trying it when I get home though.
  8. ablack6596

    Anyone know if it will be possible to use internet connection sharing?

    Yes you can, but it's kind of complicated. I installed a SSH server by following these instructions, but you may not need any of this or just the first guide to install the proxy server. Start with this. Just...
  9. ablack6596

    MBP Underpowered USB Ports?

    I recently upgraded from a 1.5ghz Powerbook G4 to a 2.4ghz MacBook Pro. Everything works great, except for the DViCO FusionHDTV USB HDTV tuner I was planning on using. Whenever I plug it in, I get this error The HDTV tuner hasn't had...
  10. ablack6596

    iPhone about to be unlocked!

    You can legally unlock cell phones.
  11. ablack6596

    iPhone SIM on Rogers Wireless in Canada?

    You can use the other features, but only if you've already activated it in iTunes by signing up for ATT's phone service. DVD Jon seems to have found a way to trick the phone into thinking you've done this now.
  12. ablack6596

    iPhone SIM on Rogers Wireless in Canada?

    It will not work. The iPhone is locked to only support specific SIM cards.
  13. ablack6596

    iPhone and the SIM card

    I doubt ATT would allow Apple to unlock the phones. If it were unlocked, everything but visual voicemail would work with T-Mobile. It will not work with Verizon or Sprint since they use a different type of network. This was posted from my shiny new iPhone. :)
  14. ablack6596

    iPhone and the SIM card

    They can legally lock it, but it's not illegal to unlock it. It's just up to you to figure out how to unlock it. T-Mobile will tell you how to unlock their phones if you call them, I don't think ATT will.
  15. ablack6596

    iPhone to support Web 2.0 Apps

    There are already plenty of phones that allow third party apps. The only reason why third party apps would not be allowed, is because they could possibly allow you to avoid paying them money. It's just like Verizon disabling bluetooth/bluetooth features to try and force you to have to email...
  16. ablack6596

    Play GTA: Vice City on Mac

    It'll run in Bootcamp.
  17. ablack6596

    WWDC 2007. thoughts? guesses?

    Well they basically just reminded people that they could make their own websites and view them in Safari. That's as far as third party development gets on the iPhone. Very disappointing. :( If it truly is OS X, it will hopefully be hacked soon after release. There will be no iPod updates...
  18. ablack6596

    MacBook Pro line updated

    It's part of Intel's Santa Rosa.
  19. ablack6596

    Downloads Corrupted

    Ok. So I took out one of the sticks of ram that was in my computer and it now runs perfectly. Is it possible that I have this issue or is it just bad ram? The only issues I had was the corruption and instabilitiy, the computer always...