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  1. xphile

    OS X Server and Windows Clients

    I have OS X Server running on a small network of about 30 machines. There are Mac clients and Windows clients. Periodially the server vanishes from the Windows clients. I have to stop and start Windows Services on the server and it comes back. Has anyone else seen this?
  2. xphile

    Is it safe to Run Norton AV 9 in Panther ?

    I'd say it's NEVER safe to run Norton on anything anymore. I get the impression they've got one old guy in the basement with a Macintosh SE. He cobbles together some software, they release it, and we watch it eat systems alive. Virex is a much safer alternative.
  3. xphile

    Final Thoughts on iTunes 4?

    iTunes 4 is great! I finally got iTunes to share music between the various computers in the house. First, all computers should be on the same network and the same subnet(1). When I told the desktop computer to use the DHCP connection provided by the Airport (via EtherNet), everything worked...
  4. xphile

    Linksys WPC11, Windows95 and Airport Extreme

    I've run into several situations in which the LINKSYS BEFW11S4 works fine with most devices but will not work with my 17" PowerBook and the Airport Extreme. That same PowerBook works fine with most other WiFI routers and access points. I've found tinkering with RTS Threshold on the LINKSYS...
  5. xphile

    Wireless Router

    I bought one yesterday. I'm returning it tomorrow. It seems to work just fine. Configuring via the browsers interface is very simple. It does not, however, seem to work with the Airport Extreme in the PowerBook 17.
  6. xphile

    Airport Extreme and 3rd Party Base Stations

    I have a new 17" PowerBook G4 with the Airport Extreme card. I have no problems connecting to Apple Airport Base Stations, the originals, the snow, or the Airport Extreme Base Stations. I've been connected to T-Mobile WiFi though I'm not sure what sort of equipment they're using. Over the last...
  7. xphile

    Linksys WPC11, Windows95 and Airport Extreme

    Your 12" PowerBook is on the way, but I wouldn't count on it clearing up the problems... I've got a 17" PowerBook with Airport Extreme and while I connect to Apple Airport base stations just fine, as well as T-Mobiles WiFi service (whatever they use) when I try to connect to a Linksys...
  8. xphile

    Real player for Mac OS X out!

    It probably just means that unlike some of us, you have an actual life. You probably don't sit around staring at Mac websites waiting for any tiny little bit of news to give your otherwise meaningless existance a moment of excitement. By the way, where is that beta of iSync?;)
  9. xphile

    Making OS X 10.1 upgrade CD stand-alone

    You're all in violation of the DIGITAL MILLENIUM COPYRIGHT ACT!!!! THE ASHCROFT STORM TROOPERS ARE ON THE WAY! Not funny I know. Too close to the truth. Please visit
  10. xphile

    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    A picture of my desktop...
  11. xphile

    need a little help with apple script...

    You have no idea how much time this tidbit of information saved me. I've been trying to figure out why my AppleScripts are bombing since 4:00pm. It's now 8:44. Thank You!
  12. xphile

    Strange Classic Behavior

    I have a friend with 9.2.1 and OS X 10.1 runnin on a PowerBook G4 Titanium with 256MB of RAM. Each time he starts Classic (Under OS X) for the first time, the windows for Classic applications don't appear. You can tell OS X thinks they're there, but you can't see them. If he restarts Classic...
  13. xphile

    Explorer,.... etc...

    "java works, turn it on in your preferences..." duh. Of course it's on. Some tests I switch to LINUX and JAVA works just fine. IE just spins and spins the beach ball, or barfs. I'm testing with proprietary JAVA stuff that works for LINUX under Netscape and Windows (even freaking XP...
  14. xphile

    Explorer,.... etc...

    10.1 is out. I've installed it. It's much faster as everyone said. Many things much improved. Internet Explorer is STILL A PIECE OF CRAP. Websites that require JAVA still don't work. Websites that require significant interactivity still result in a stupid spinning beachball from...
  15. xphile

    OS X 10.1 complaints... STRAIGHT FROM APPLE

    1. Explorer does support Java, it must be turned on... 2. Of course the 5GXX versions don't perform as well as release, they probably haven't even had debug code removed... ---- Thing's I've heard that sadden me... - DVD Player support in 10.1 only works on newer machines. Anyone...
  16. xphile

    Wow I can't believe this!

    Yo baby! Once you've tried Mac, you'll never go back!
  17. xphile

    10.1 Distribution, how?

    According to the Wall Street Journal: "...Apple plans to start distributing version 10.1 this month. It will be built into new machines. People who currently use OS X can get the 10.1 upgrade free on CDs that will be available in some stores. For OS X users who want a CD sent via the mail...
  18. xphile

    Mac OS X on PC

    ischorr, you completely understood where I was coming from. I started the other thread about LINUX to make myself clear, but your response is what I was looking for. You hit on many major points. I completely agree concerning the value of OS X vs. the value of WindowsXP. OS X is a beautiful...
  19. xphile

    LINUX and The Mac (Pinky and the Brain?)

    LINUX and The Mac LINUX and The Mac One is a genius, the other's insane... (which is which? :-) ) Steve Jobs to Richard Stallman... "Gee Richard, What are we gonna do tomorrow night?" ................................ Whenever anyone thinks out loud about the future of computing and...
  20. xphile

    Mac OS X on PC

    Does anyone ever wonder why, when there are so many Macs out there, LINUX gets far more respect? No one ever talks about Apple toppling the Microsoft empire. No one ever mentions Apple when talk of an alternative OS comes up. Everyone, however, brings up LINUX. Never mind that Apple is...