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  1. sjb2016

    Got my new iBook

    Got my new iBook G4. Ordered it from Macmall, but got delayed so I decided to splurge, and spend the money on sales tax and buy it at the local Apple Store. I needed it for my upcoming trip. Actually, that was the excuse for my childlike impatience. Anyway, pretty sweet. The outside is...
  2. sjb2016

    No More E-Music

    This may not be "Apple" news, but it's pretty important in my mind. Starting Nov. 8 it will no longer be $9.99 per month for 2000 songs at e-Music. Starting then it will be $9.99 for 40 songs, or $14.99 for 65 songs. While it is still less than $.99 per song, it really is a bummer. It was so...
  3. sjb2016

    iTunes Music store not working?

    I am too poor to purchase music right now, but my sister wanted me to get a bunch of songs from IMS and throw them on a CD. No problem, right? Well, for the last 24 hours or so every time I've tried to purchase a song, it comes up with an error message that says the store is currently unable...
  4. sjb2016

    japanese language router

    This is a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody in this forum speaks (or can at least read) Japanese. I'm in Japan, can't speak a lick of Japanese, and I bought a router for my J-Com connection and it works wonderfully, except I don't know how to tweak the port settings so that I can use...
  5. sjb2016

    It's not ugly, but

    ***** Sorry dudes, this was supposed to be a response to Cocoaholic's thread here: It was not meant to be it's own thread. Ed, feel free to move it to it's proper home as I evidently don't have power to do so. *****...
  6. sjb2016

    sharing files over web

    Could someone please tell me the proper syntax for an anchor tag (if this is actually possible) in the following situation: I'm serving up a site at the address which is hosted on my desktop from which I type right now...
  7. sjb2016

    DirectConnect Client

    Has anyone tried to complie the DirectConnect client DC++ for Darwin or for X windows (I'm running XFree86 on top of Darwin)? If so, did you do so successfully and could you post brief directions on how to do so? Thanks
  8. sjb2016

    Simcity 4

    I was just at the EA website and they are making SimCity 4. Of course, this excited me to no end, however I was wondering if anybody had heard a rumor about it coming to the Mac. SimCity 3000 took almost 9 months to get from the PC to Mac and was indeed the first and last video game I bought...
  9. sjb2016

    Road Runner and Motorola Modem

    I'm contemplating getting Road Runner cable internet as it is the only broadband option in my area. The only information I could find about compatability is that the modems Time-Warner uses are Mortorola and that you need os 8.5 or higher. Does anyone use OSX and Road Runner with the supplied...
  10. sjb2016

    Allow me to make this suggestion

    If you need a portable music solution, win an iPod. That's what I did. While all my friends were on spring break in New Orleans, I was stuck in upstate New York, but the Apple gods were smiling on me. I went to Ed Tech day at Ithaca College, and bam, won an iPod. The thing is amazing and...
  11. sjb2016

    Apple Using Microsoft .Net

    Has anyone seen that commercial for Microsoft's .Net business solutions where the wine seller breaks his collection and is then able to jack up his prices immediately? At first I thought, "Microsoft building software to instantly raise prices, why doesn't that surprise me?" Then I thought...
  12. sjb2016

    Apple retail wages

    I am going to be graduating from college in May and quite frankly am not interested in getting a "real job" just yet. I've been giving real thought to getting a job at an Apple retail store in probably Albany or Syracuse NY. Does anybody know what the starting wage is for working in these...
  13. sjb2016

    releasing ip address

    Does anyone know how to release an IP from a DHCP server on OS 10.1 Last night I kept getting a 255.XXX.XXX IP address. I could surf the web, but I couldn't use Microsoft Outlook (in classic) although I could send and receive e-mail using Figured the f-ed up IP had something to do...
  14. sjb2016

    10.1 and network support

    I was wondering what all the propaganda from Apple about 10.1 being a good network neighbor really means. Can I just access Windows servers or can I also access windows file shares on the windows LAN here at shool (without a product such as DAVE). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  15. sjb2016

    OSX supported video Cards

    I'm all confused as to what systems can install osX. I have a G3 266 desktop and have been thinking about upgrading it with a G4 so that I can run OSX at a reasonable speed. However, I have a ATI Rage 128 XL video card that I use in a PCI slot as an upgrade to the standard video on the said...