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  1. ColonelPanic

    Favorite Freeware Apps

    Excellent free apps for gauging CPU load, network traffic and Temperature in the dock. Load In Dock: Netstat in Dock...
  2. ColonelPanic

    Startup Issues with Dual 1.8 G5 - Option Key

    Bump because I'm having the exact same problem on my MDD 1.25Ghz G4.
  3. ColonelPanic

    That painfully cheesy panther video

    That was embarassing.
  4. ColonelPanic

    I would like to delve into Linux

    What are you using to burn the install disks? toast? disk copy?
  5. ColonelPanic

    Apple stores showing WWDC

    Awesome, If I'm not too hungover at 10am I'll definately catch it.
  6. ColonelPanic

    Apple Store shows a G5 ad

    lol, good one.
  7. ColonelPanic

    Screenshots of longhorn

    pls. post rest of series from bluejeans.jpg kthxbye!
  8. ColonelPanic

    I'm looking for a new job!!

    Damn, that is one scary-ass EULA.
  9. ColonelPanic

    Great Browser

    Thanks, I guess I was looking in the area b/cuz I downloaded several diferent builds. I'll check it out once I get home and get off these windows machines at work, yeccch! If anyones interested I'll post a review later.
  10. ColonelPanic

    Great Browser

    Can someone post a link for the download? The version I downloaded does not have the "aqua" interface.
  11. ColonelPanic

    Windows Media player

    I would like to know the same thing. anyone...? anyone.....?
  12. ColonelPanic

    New Imac Revealed

    "Instead of looking like the old iMac, the thing should look more like the flowers in the garden. Jobs said, "It should look like a sunflower." Sunflower like design? I'll pass.... New and exciting? Yes. Innovative and groundbreaking? No...
  13. ColonelPanic

    Mouse Sticking & Slowing Down

    Exact same thing happened to me (mouse slowing and unresponsive) and eventually I got a kernel Panic regarding a USB device (obviously). I unplugged the mouse, powercycled, plugged it back in and haven't had problems since. :confused:
  14. ColonelPanic

    Absolutely Fabulous!

    2 words: Benny Hill
  15. ColonelPanic

    Absolutely Fabulous!

    Yeah, I do the same thing whenever I see a Mac product on TV. I usually point it out to my rommates but they just roll their eyes or throw empty beer cans at me. Damn, I'm such a nerd.
  16. ColonelPanic

    Getting MTR or Matt's traceroute running on OS X.

    Has anyone had any success in getting MTR or Matt's traceroute running in OS X?
  17. ColonelPanic

    Spaces Please

    Is there a keystroke combo (like: alt f1, alt f2 on Lunix for switching between workspaces) that can be used for this app on OS X? It would make this app. sooo much sweeter. Thanks in advance.
  18. ColonelPanic

    Do you use DVD?

    Catching up on all the classics. Watching MR. Orson Welles and his beautiful creation called CITIZEN KANE.