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    What X window manager do you run? - bash is a shell ::ha::
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    YD 3.0 Package Installer

    I can not tell you where the GUI frontend to RPM is; if it exists. I can tell you that you can run RPM (as root) in a terminal. Let's say that you want to install foo. Examine your disks or whatever to find foo-1.1-1.ppc.rpm or something like that. Then you can type rpm -i -v...
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    4 YD Linux Questions

    When you set up YaBoot you absolutely must label the OSX partion as macosx and a OS9 partition as macos in YaBoot (this is in the final steps of the text instalation process). If you do not, but use another label (i.e. osx) then it will not show up as a choice during the boot.
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    Which Linux On My Mac

    I presently am using Yellow Dog. It installs well, but there are a few things that I do not care so much about: Yellow Dog is the Red Hat of the ppc GNU/Linux Distros; and so many things, such as the desktop tend to be what they think is best. Sure you can change it -- often with some...
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    Question - Answer

    It saw the evil thoughts in the Poles and Lithuanians and they [the Soviets] knew that they were pure in mind and deed!!! How much BS is that?
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    Question - Answer

    Only in my memories. I had one as a child; but it only gave me one of two answers: "Definitely not." and "The answer is not clear. Try again." Why did it give various 'yes' answers to my friends?
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    hacking iCal

    The following is courtesy of Scott of MiCal (e.g. the iCal Menu application producer): " I have seen UIDs generated by other programs that are quite different than Apple's UID. I have not double checked the specification (which is something you should do), but my GUESS is that the spec would...
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    Question - Answer

    For the same reason that if you ain't sh*t, that is a bad thing; but if you are sh*t that is a bad thing too. So, they have me coming and going. But who are they?
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    Why Apple should port OS X

    Wait a second. Am I stupid? What is Darwin, and but a port? People are running Darwin on Intel. Its ported. People are running X86 and X on X on OS X. Linux is ported. Both are based on Unix like stuff (e.g BSD). The elevator stops at every floor. Get off where you want to...
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    How long till Apple Beats M$

    I do not see it as you do. When IBM made their mistake, it was Bill Gates who pointed out that "It is the software, stupid." Microsoft has already made their mistake as Torvalds and Stalman pointed out: "It is the people stupid." It probably won't be Apple; as they gave into NextStep and...
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    Post your BAD M$ joke

    Okay, off topic: For all of you referring to God: Micro$oft was not at The Beginning. Who were the first computer users? Adam and Eve. She had an Apple. He had a Wang.
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    Should the US go metric?

    We may have already conceded to the logic of the metric system. Or, at least that is what I think; as I buy a two liter diet coke, while watching the guy in the expensive 1.5 liter engine Italian sports car try to score a gram from the guy smoking a 100mm cigarette, who is trying to lose a...
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    Question - Answer

    Focus. Why is the last chip I want to eat never in the bag?
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    Question - Answer

    I try to never walk on anything that gets me up. Why is 'abbreviation' such a long word; and the spelling of 'acronym' so hard to remember?
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    Question - Answer

    Because we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Why is it that "slow up" and "slow down" mean the same thing?
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    Think Different....AGAIN...

    Nice to remember, I guess. Child of the seventies? Heck, I am a child of the sixties. Back then, sex was dirty and the air was clean.
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    Java and Java 2

    Java2 uses Swing components for the GUI -- this is a major difference over just the old AWT. I would go straight to Java2.
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    Beginner Programmer, HELP!

    I would think that Cocoa would be a rather steep learning curve if one were to try to 1) learn basic programing skills 2) learn the Objective-C language 3) learn OOP concepts and 4) learn the Project Builder / Interface Builder IDE. Make the curve to steep and one might quit from frustration...
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    hacking iCal

    iCal keeps its data in a textfile (whatever.ics). This Unicode file is easily understood -- with one problem. Each entry is given a unique tag (the UID). This identifier is the same for all instances of the event if it repeats. I have written an application that can read and write into the...
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    Project Builder & Java Packages Build problem

    Rather than a new thread -- I'll tag on to this one: I am using a simple text editor (by choice) to write my java code. It is easy to compile, even with distinct classes -- as long as they are all in the same user's directory. But to set up a user's package, well I must either know precisely...