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  1. brianleahy

    Utorrent Has Malware

    Just downloaded "µTorrent Stable(1.8.7 build 37979)" - and routinely ran it through virus barrier. It's got "OS X/Spigot.A" according to Virusbarrier. Beware. I'm officially a permanent non-uTorrent user.
  2. brianleahy

    Non-deprecated 10.9 framework for arbitrary-precision numbers? e.g. BIGNUM or GNU MP

    Technically openssl/bn.h is available, but all of openssl is technically deprecated! Of course there are vector-based big number functions, but those only go up to 1024 bits. While that's gonna be a mighty big number, for sure, it does not allow numbers of arbitrary size. I've searched...
  3. brianleahy

    USB 3 card for MacPro...

    I recently bought a Micronet RAID drive. It came with a USB3 card of unspecified brand - and as near as I can tell, Micronet does not make it themselves. The included driver disk contained nothing useful, alas, and so I'm hoping that - if I know what brand it is - I might have a shot at...
  4. brianleahy

    Internet gurus - help. Timeout in traceroute

    I've got a Mac Mini server providing a web site and VPN via the internet. I've got all the needed ports forwarded on my cable modem and most of the time it all works beautifully. Then every once in a while nobody can connect, even though the server seems to be running fine - and it (the...
  5. brianleahy

    Can't Index RAID drive in Leopard server

    I have a Dual G5, running Server 10.5.8. Attached I have a Promise SmartStor DS4600, connected by Firewire 800. The SmartStor is a 4GB raid device, configured as RAID5, capacity 3 TB. Apple sells it from their online store... I can't get Spotlight to search any of the share points on the...
  6. brianleahy

    Is there a processor-independent vec_xor?

    vec_xor is the Altivec (G4 & G5) command to do an XOR on a 128bit wide vector. There is also an intel-specific instruction _mm_xor --- something. The vecLib is supposed to offer processor-universal instructions - and come on, XOR is about the simplest thing you can ask a computer to do...
  7. brianleahy

    Caption The Photo!

    It's been a while since I did one of these, but this one really amused me.
  8. brianleahy

    California bans spam!

  9. brianleahy

    Funny: guy proposing on latest timelapse

    As of this morning (5/21/06) the timelapse movie on Apple's home page (showing the new NYC apple store) shows an amusing event a little after the halfway point. If you ctrl-click the QT movie & save it to your hard drive, you can step through at leisure. You first see the guy at...
  10. brianleahy

    Can I make a 1st Gen airport base station act like a wireless adapter?

    In a nutshell... I currently have a nice Linksys 802.11 b/g connected to my cable modem. I also have an old first-generation Airport Base station (single ethernet port). I was thinking - wouldn't it be cool if I could connect the Airport Base station to the ethernet port of my videogame...
  11. brianleahy

    Tritton External DVD+RW/+R $80/best offer

    Posted on my wife's eBay store: In addition to the features listed, it will play DVD movies via Apple's DVD Player software. I've heard that many external drives won't - this one does! I'll...
  12. brianleahy

    Caption The Photo!

    Suggest your best caption for this photo. It's not even political this time....
  13. brianleahy

    Can you buy internal bluetooth for a G5 - not BTO?

    My G5 did not ship with built in bluetooth - but I was hoping to add internal bluetooth 'card' (or whatever it is) soon. I see no sign of any Apple internal bluetooth card anywhere on -- is there any way to get one?
  14. brianleahy

    Motorola CEO - sour grapes

    Somebody is feeling a little testy toward Apple... I don't suppose this has anything to do with good nano sales and poor cell phone sales? Full article
  15. brianleahy

    Prayers and best wishes to members in Texas and Louisiana

    I just read that Wall Street rallied on the news that hurricane Rita was downgraded to Category 4. :confused: What a total JOKE! Ask people in Biloxi or Gulfport how tame a Cat 4 is. I guess that's why those guys are stock traders and not meteorologists. Rita reportedly reached a...
  16. brianleahy

    R-Rated Apple tee shirt

    R-Rated Apple Tee Shirt This originates somewhere outside the US -- not sure what the point is ... but it made me laugh. Check out all of -- be sure to look in the archives. For my money, the funniest site on the web!! :D ::ha::
  17. brianleahy

    No caption necessary

    The REAL caption is amusing enough. Yahoo news Photo Though even I have to admit this is a little bit of a cheap shot...
  18. brianleahy

    Photo caption time!

    Pick one of mine, or add your own! :D :D