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  1. ablack6596

    MBP Underpowered USB Ports?

    I recently upgraded from a 1.5ghz Powerbook G4 to a 2.4ghz MacBook Pro. Everything works great, except for the DViCO FusionHDTV USB HDTV tuner I was planning on using. Whenever I plug it in, I get this error The HDTV tuner hasn't had...
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    IE doesn't work

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    Save Futurama

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    What is going on?

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    Printer Sharing

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    Downloads Corrupted

    I recently received a 1.5ghz Powerbook that is about a year old. It works perfectly except that about 75% of the things I download are corrupted, including almost everything from Apple. There seems to be a connection between how fast the app downloads and whether or not I have problems with...
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    Q-Stor USB 2.0 + Firewire

    I bought this card from it's listed as a DPS somethign or the other. Anyways it's supposed to work with both Mac and PC, but it can't seem to fit in any of my Power Mac G4 Dual 500mhz's PCI slots.
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    Classic Restorations First to Offer Custom Mac Mini Auto Installations

    Auto Enthusiasts Reved-up for New Mac Mini - Classic Restorations First to Offer Custom Mac Mini Auto Installations The new Mac Mini can bring "brain power" to any car, from the carefully restored classics and performance vehicles to the daily driver. Classic Restorations in Sloatsburg...
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    Free Mac Minis :) or iPod Shuffle

    So another forums that I visit frequently just started their own free stuff section. They used to just offer conga lines for the various Offer Centric, Price Cube, and Gratis sites but now they're opening their own. And guess what they're offering Mac Minis, and iPod Shuffles :)...
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    New iPod Ad? look on the right and click when it shows. (Fades back and forth between Taxi and the iPod ad)
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    iBox Lives

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted yet. I looked a little, but don't really come here that much anymore.
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    Didn't see anything about web design so I'm posting here :) I want to host osme forums on my .Mac acount but since .Mac doesn't support PHP or Mysql is there any way I could still have some sort of forums?
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    Printer Sharing

    I have Two printers two macs and two PCs I want to share the Printer on one PC with all the other computers over my Airport network and the other on my Mac with all the other computers how can I have a printer connected to a PC or mac and then have that computer share it with the rest?
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    Ical Sync, palm sync with address book

    Trying to rebuild my G4. Lost data on desktop. first i upated all address, cal, to palm desktop, Then retrieved data from .mac for apple address book, but can't get my cal from pda to sync with ical. hot sync manager is setup properly. Please help
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    Rendezvous and iTunes

    How do you make the playlists from one computer running 10.2 and iTunes show up on another one running 10.2 and iTunes with rendezvous?
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    Live Updates of MWNY

    I will have live updates of MWNY at :)
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    Ahhhh! Too many finders!

    Hi I am going to North Carolina on vacation and right know we are in Richmond Virginia at my grandparents house on out way I was playing Warcraft III after awhile I closed that and tryed to open iTunes then Quicktime and then IE they all unexpectantly quit as soon as they opened so I decided to...