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  1. DualG4X

    Safari Unable to log into secure websites

    i have had this problem since the first beta release. I am unable to log into or even load websites that require secure connections (https). They just never load and time out, now this only happens at work, where we have a proxy/firewall. I work at a University and they have a proxy that all...
  2. DualG4X

    Compatible DVR Drive for OS9 ??

    i have a dual 533g4 and im looking for a compatible internal dvd-rw drive to replace the builtin sony cdrw, i need it to be compatible with os9 so i can still burn from the finder and not have to use a 3rd party app like toast.
  3. DualG4X

    Chappelle's Switch Parody your ganna need real one
  4. DualG4X

    Is there no way to play dvds on a 300Mhz PB

    i have installed 10.2.4 on my PB (300Mhz) and now i cant play dvd, i knew that jaguar didn support hardware dvd playback but i tought i could play in clasic but it still doesnt want to play, i installed VideoLanClient and it plays DVDs but real chopy and slow.anyone else got any other suggestion...
  5. DualG4X

    What happen to the paint bucket in PS7

    i just got PS7 and i cant find the paint bucket button. does anyone know where adobe put the dam thing
  6. DualG4X

    Change Screen Capture File Format ?

    How do you change the screen capture file format from pdf to jpg ?
  7. DualG4X

    having some keyboard problem with kvm switch

    when i conect my g4 to a belkin KVM soho switch i can no longer use the volume controls and the eject button on my keyboard, does anyone know why ?
  8. DualG4X

    Switch adds form JP

    i was cheking out apples website from japan and i saw they also have the switch campain there too but with japanese people, someone need to translate them, they seem funny even with me now knowing japanese.
  9. DualG4X

    Can you run Linux apps(games) on OSX

    just wondering if its posible to run linux apps on OSX, well the real reason im wondering is because i want to play UT 2003 and its only out for Win n Lnx so i just was thinking if there was a way to run the linux version of it on my mac.:confused:
  10. DualG4X

    question on .mac

    does anyone know how much data can be uploaded and downloaded from the idisk a month when u pay for .mac ??
  11. DualG4X

    wierd clasic problem on 10.2

    i havent ran clasic for months but today i had to run it to install toast 5 and then to update it to 5.1.4 so i could run it under 10.2, the installer ran ok but when it came time to reboot, it not only restarted classic but it shutdown all my apps running inder 10.2 i had always been able to...
  12. DualG4X

    .mac transfer limit

    does anyone know the max mb trasfer you can have on ur .mac webpage ??? if apple is going to make me pay for all this useless crap im ganna max it out n get my moneys worth
  13. DualG4X

    a little disapointed in qt6

    you still cant play divx movies with vbr mp3 audio :( that realy sucks since most divx movies are encoded in vbr
  14. DualG4X

    chimera will not run, unexpectedly quiting at start, help!!

    i tried to run chimera today an all i got was the splash screen and then it closes on me :( it ran on last week but not anymore, i trahsed the old version 0.27 and d/l the new 0.28 , copied it and still nothing, i get the same error "navigator unexpextedly quit" does anyone have the same problem...
  15. DualG4X

    UFS or HFS+ ???

    could someone help me out here and tell me if there are any benefits in choosing UFS instead of the regular HFS+ ??? is it like comparing ntfs to fat32 ??
  16. DualG4X

    Darwin Streaming server ??

    was looking at some info on the darwin streaming server, and looks pretty cool, i just wanted to ask someone, is it easy to use, is it like a stand alone app and does apple have an already compiled version for d/l cause if they do i cant find it.
  17. DualG4X

    simple problem but cant figure it out

    my menu clock is set to military time, n i cant figure out how to change it to regular time. i dont see any option in the config window. i have it set to apple server
  18. DualG4X

    Two anoying problems with X

    First the major one is that when i set my screen saver to come one and when i move the mouse to put in the password it sometimes takes for ever to get the logon screen, and it also sometimes will never let me back into my desktop, i put in the pass and it tried to go back to the desktop then the...
  19. DualG4X

    Mac Jobs, were are they ???????

    this site needs to have a forum for employers to post macintosh job positions, im curently looking for a Macintosh tech job here in dallas, does anyone know anyone thats hirering ??
  20. DualG4X

    iSub works, but not very well in 10.1

    i was really excited :) that my isub started to work after updating OS 10 to 10.1 , but soon after the probles started to apear, the isub doesnt always sync corectly with the apple pro speakers and it also sometimes starts to make a wird distortion sound. i tought it could be something hardware...