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  1. swessels - problems

    Thanks for the feedback. I figured it wasn't just because I was on a Mac. What steps are you using to ftp from adcritic? I tried Fetch 4 but it complained. What setup do you recommend? - Steve
  2. swessels - problems

    Thanks for your response. I'm thinking that the real problem is related to server performance under heavy loading. I too have had it work in the past. I'll have to try again later. - Steve
  3. swessels

    Sleep Problems with TiBook

    I have a TiBook (PowerBook G4) and put it to sleep and resume (close and open the lid) many many times a day. I'm running OS X 10.0.3. Never saw this problem. Sorry. Your posting is a bit confusing. The subject line indicates it's a TiBook question yet you talk about the iBook in the...
  4. swessels - problems

    I've been experiencing problems getting the QuickTime movies to download properly from this web site ( Is this a site problem or something wrong with my Mac OS X setup? Anyone else get these ads to work? Thanks in advance, - Steve