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    figuring out the file system layout

    The diff is between 'your desktop' (OS X, *Nix, NT) and 'THE desktop' (OS 9-)... your desktop is a specific folder of your user profile, not a specific folder of the OS. The desktop (/Desktop) that you see is a subset of you (/UserName), and you are a subset of alll of the users (/Users) of that...
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    Adding to /System/Library/StartupItems

    If someone wanted to put together a step-by-step on installing mySQl they would be doing the world (or me_) a great favor. I'm not afraid of CLI, just new.
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    PHP4 on Mac OS X 10.0 ???

    Ccheck out: <br><br> This worked great for me. You need to use Terminal some, but it isn't too difficult if you are new to it. A fast connection to the internet makes this easier, too. <br><br> tip: If you get to the part where...