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    hacking iCal

    iCal keeps its data in a textfile (whatever.ics). This Unicode file is easily understood -- with one problem. Each entry is given a unique tag (the UID). This identifier is the same for all instances of the event if it repeats. I have written an application that can read and write into the...
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    Where do I go from here?

    Does anyone know where i can find detailed information on the use of 'nvram'? Thanks, iGuy
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    Boot CD

    Can anyone tell me a step by step on making a bootable CD for an iMac slot loader? Thanks
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    Bash Config

    I have installed bash; but if I launch it I get the following: Welcome to Darwin! [iMac:~] [MY USER NAME]% bash dyld: bash Undefined symbols: _tgetent _tgetflag _tgetnum _tgetstr _tgoto _tputs Trace/BPT trap [iMac:~][MY USER NAME]% ... So can anyone help? Running Jaguar. Thanks
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    Finked up

    Dear Folks: I am having problems with Fink installing the apt-get tar balls using Fink’s I hate to look so dumb; but, not having .deb packages motivates me to ask if anyone can walk me through Fink for OSX 10.2.1? [Jag] Please include where you retieved the Fink installer and...
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    Mac 'n Palm

    Message deleted by sender
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    iSub and OS X

    After checking around, I find that I am not the only one who has lost their iSub after installing OS X. Looking on, others are able to listen to the iSub only in OS 9. This is not just the cube, but iMac as well. It seems that it is not a hardware, but a software problem with the...