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  1. krug

    Can't Send Mail in 10.2

    Whenever I try to send an email out in Mail 1.2 (Jaguar) I get an error saying that I have an "Invalid Address". I can send email just fine in Entourage, and I've double checked all my settings in Mail and they seem to be identical. Mail worked just fine as well until I upgraded to 10.2...
  2. krug

    Que Fire 24/10/40 under 10.1

    I have the Que Fire 24/10/40 Firewire burner. It works just fine under 9.2.1 with Toast 5, which is where I currently have to go when I want to burn a CD. Under 10.1, I get nothing. Even though the drive is listed on Apple's "supported" page for iTunes, when I go to Preferences, then drive...
  3. krug

    Apple's DVD Demo

    So is Apple's DVD demo at just something they hacked together, or is there now a way to capture DVD output? :confused: I seem to recall that in 9.2, The player window is some magical shade of black, and the DVD stream shows through that. If you try...