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  1. plastic

    10.2.5 slower than 10.2.4

    I have just updated my iBook 800 Combo Drive model (2 months old) to 10.2.5 and the first thing I noticed was Safari was loading pages much slower than before it used to. Next was mail, and everything else that used to be zippy now needs a little time to crawl as if there is some background...
  2. plastic

    iSync for T68i through Bluetooth - and Logitech

    I am posting this to warn users who owns the Sony Ericsson T68i phones and uses Bluetooth to sync their phones to their Macs. After downloading and installing Logitech's latest drivers for Jaguar, they started conficting and I cannot sync my T68i through Bluetooth with my Mac. The mouse...
  3. plastic

    ProTools Users please

    I am a ProTools user and was wondering how many out here are PT users as well. The thing is, I have heard at a trade show recently that PT for OS X is coming out very soon (they were waiting for Jaguar) but since Jag has been out and running about creating chaos for a while now, how come...
  4. plastic

    Remember Apple and G5?

    I am not sure if anyone can remember back in 2001, Apple commented during the period when they were having a G4/450 chip shortage that G5 chips, starting at somewhere in the 2GHz area will ship in 2003? Is this the reason why they are dumping everything by building dualies? The same...
  5. plastic

    How-to question : OSX and WIN2k

    I have Win2k machine in my home studio handling 3d animation work available ONLY for the Win-doze platform, and I need to establish a network connection with it to dump audio files done on my Mac. Currently it is painful to keep using a ZIP to transfer things around. Firewire solution means more...