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  1. cbrooks3

    Saturday Night Live

    For those of you who watch SNL, did you see the bit with U2 talking about the U2 iPod? I just thought it was cool. I think there is a thread about this somewhere else, but couldnt find it.
  2. cbrooks3

    iPod socks

    This is amazing. Yesterday, FedEx showed up at my door with my iPod socks. I think this if the first time something has been shipped by apple before the anticipated release/ shipping date. I had to go to the Apple store yesterday to price some stuff and they had a decent amount of socks on the...
  3. cbrooks3

    I don't think this is suppose to happen!

    I backed all my files up to an external HD and did a clean install of OS X.3. Everything works fine, and one thing better than expected! I plugged the video adapter into my G4 iBook and I have dual display now!! No, not video mirroring like the iBooks are designed for, but DUAL DISPLAY!! I can't...
  4. cbrooks3

    u2 & Photo iPod

    Since this is a special edition, does anyone know how long or how many will be manufactured? I want one, but prob. won't have the $$$ till x-mas:( Also, anybody got any reviews of the photo iPod yet? I'm trying to decide between the 2 b/c I only have 980 MB left. I never thought I'd have that...
  5. cbrooks3


    I guess there's been prototypes of the new ipod floating around for a while. In "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde" , the bellboy hands a 4G ipod to Reese Witherspoon. I guess I'm too big of a nerd to notice that. Keep your eyes out in movies and I guess you never know what you'll see. This...
  6. cbrooks3

    This is the place to keep an eye on!

    I was looking through an article about the new iPod Color/Photo, and found a link to the developer of the chip for the iPods. Interesting to see what they are developing or at least planning on. If most of this gets incorporated...
  7. cbrooks3

    weird files!

    i got bored and was lookin at the package contents of iTunes and saw tow icons for .nvf and .ogg files. What are these?
  8. cbrooks3

    This thing is for real. My neighbor did it and now has a free ipod! I couldnt believe it myself. I used his referral link and as soon as i completed the offer, he checked his status on the page and it said they were ordering an ipod for him. Let's all get together, spend a little bit of money...
  9. cbrooks3

    Anyone know anything about the U2 iPod??

    I'm dying to see one!! And if it's the same price as a regular one, I definitely want one.
  10. cbrooks3

    What would you want in a "Mini" store?

    Now that people have posted whats in the new stores, is there anything different that you would like to see? I think it would be awesome if you could go in and use a high-speed internet to download iTunes music. Then there would be 2 docks next to the machine set up for this (regular and...
  11. cbrooks3

    Apple "Mini" stores

    I saw an article on Apple's website (MINI ARTICLE) I hope they put one in my area. They already have an Apple store about 20 minutes away, but there are so many schools out this way and an awesome mall they could put it in. Anybody gonna be at the openings? If so, lets see some pics!!!
  12. cbrooks3

    Has anyone paid attention to this?

    I was reading the preview page for Tiger tonight and noticed something on the "Core Image" page. At the bottom, Apple publishes a list of graphic/ photo effects that will be included with Tiger. The way I look at it, could this be the consumers answer to Photoshop like results withough the price...
  13. cbrooks3

    does this make sense??

    I was reading the article linked below and wondered if any of this could be true. I know there is a possibility of iPod soon supporting pictures syncing with iPhoto similarly to iTunes. I think it would be an awesome idea. But the thing that doesnt make sense is they go on to say that they...
  14. cbrooks3

    Confirmed G6 pictures

    G6 Pictures Sorry, i knew someone would do it, just figured id be stupid for once :).
  15. cbrooks3

    iBook G4 933 mhz. WANT G5 iMac

    I have G4 iBook for sale. I am going to get a G5 iMac as a replacement, but need the funding first. This laptop would be great for a college student. Specs are below. Contact me @ if you are interested. G4 933 mhz. 640 MB DDR SDRAM (upgrade from 256 MB. $100.00...
  16. cbrooks3

    Microsoft Tilt Wheel mouse

    I bought a Microsoft Intellimouse explorer 2.0 w/ tilt wheel. Has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. Only problem is that i can only scroll up and down and not side to side with the mouse. I've tried it in Mail, SAfari, and FCP 4. Any body have this problem, or is this feature just not...
  17. cbrooks3

    Safari doesn't work

    I went to the local apple store Friday night like all the other hardcore mac geeks in the city and bought Panther. I was psyched! But once i got home, things changed. After falling asleep waiting for all the languages to install, which I can't speak any of them, and then finally logging in, i...