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    Strange Folder labelled virusmails in private/var/

    I was poking around in my computer the other day, and noticed a folder which gave me a bit of concern. Located in private/var/ is a folder named virusmails, which also had some unrecognized permissions. Does anyone have an educated opinion on this? (See attached screenshots)
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    Lagging/Failing file transfers to Windows share

    At work (24" Aluminium iMacs running 10.5.7) I'm finding that copying files to a Windows Vista shared drive (secondary hard disk in one of the PCs), is getting flaky after a little while, with console entries listing the Finder as experiencing an Allocator race condition (See attached pic). The...
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    Samba file sharing fails over Ad-Hoc WiFi, works over Ethernet

    I've run into a strange problem at work with our networking arrangement, which I hope someone can assist with. Our marketing company has a art dept comprising 2 brand new Intel iMacs running Leopard 10.5.4, and one of our old PPC eMacs running Tiger 10.4.11. We have been mounting the...
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    Mail crashing on launch after 10.4.11 Update

    Hi All. I did the OSx 10.4.11 update last night with a full Combo updater over a 10.4.10 system (I always use combo updates as they are usually MUCH more reliable). Following this, crashes on launch in ALL accounts (starts in dock, then disappears without showing any windows etc). So...
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    Anyone here running an iPhone in New Zealand?

    I've discovered that Vodaphone here in New Zealand has an EDGE based network option, and I've heard that at least a couple of people here in NZ who have imported their own iPhones to run on it, now that they've been unlocked from AT&T. Is there anyone here (or know anyone) from NZ that has...
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    Unable to trash empty folders by any means

    I have stumbled on an old issue that I solved once before on a work machine but cannot recall how I fixed it. I have a set of nested folders that simply cannot be removed. Not with force empty trash, not with the same feature in Onyx, and trying to do sudo results in "wrong password" - even...
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    Automator Action - Copying to 7xUSB

    I am trying to construct an automator action to efficiently copy a 15Mb folder containing 9 items to 7 512Mb USB memory sticks connected to a powered 7-port USB2 hub. I have 950 of these memory sticks to do this to (yes, it's for work). Copying the files to a single USB memory stick takes...
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    Automator action - Copying Files to multiple USB Memory sticks?

    I am trying to construct an automator action to efficiently copy a 15Mb folder containing 9 items to 7 512Mb USB memory sticks connected to a powered 7-port USB2 hub. I have 950 of these memory sticks to do this to (yes, it's for work). Copying the files to a single USB memory stick takes...
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    Automator Workflow error - Help for the inexperienced scripter?

    I'm trying to create a Automator action to bundle a selection of files to a new folder. The Automator workflow will prompt me to select an arbitrary selection of files or folders (from a single location), create a new folder (which it will prompt me to enter a name for), then move the selected...
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    WANTED - Working Quicksilver Logic Board

    Seeking a working Quicksilver Logic board (it will be replacing a blown one in a 733MHz model, though any from the Quicksilver range will do). Happy to pay up to around US$250 incl. shipping to New Zealand. Anyone have this part?
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    Safari 1.3 = 17Mb, Safari 1.3.1 = 2.7Mb?!

    I installed the Safari 1.3.1 update yesterday, trashing Safari 1.3 beforehand (I backed it up though), as the 'Updates' are often full installers which just update what is needed. To my bewilderment, while Safari 1.3 was 17Mb, 1.3.1 is only 2.7Mb! The new version is running fine, so doesn't...
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    Help Request - Eratic Mouse behaviour

    Hope someone out here can help me bug hunt this problem. I've started having erratic mouse performance in ONE user account with my Microsoft Intellieye Explorer Wireless Mouse (V2). Sometimes mouse clicks aren't properly registered, or a single click will perform a double click function. Also...
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    Recommended Multi-functional scanner/printer?

    I'm considering getting a multi-function scanner/printer as they do seem to take up much less space. Can anyone recommend any particular brands and/or models for OSX (Panther)? The chosen device will need good drivers (nothing flaky), decent support (service dept. doesn't disavow their own OSX...
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    Adobe Systems Incorporated to Aquire Macromedia

    Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Posted on both Adobe and Macromedia's home pages. "Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia...
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    Transcoding Windows Media Files?

    As anyone who views Windows Media Files on Mac OSX will know, Windows Media Player 9 for Mac is sorely lacking some of the codecs which are standard in the PC version - notably Windows media 9 video streams (or WMV3 video content in media files) I'm finding that more and more of these media...
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    3M Renaissance Vertical Mouse drivers for OSX?

    I'm trying out a 3M Renaissance vertical mouse (pistol grip type ergonomic mouse), as I'm having some repetitive strain issues after many years of heavy traditional mouse use (even with nice mice). I've found that it is a reasonable alternative, however all of it's mouse buttons don't work under...
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    SPECIFICALLY how does a sparseimage work?

    For those of us that use the encrypted home directory function in OSX, or use resizable disc images, we are familiar with the sparseimage concept. Can anyone DETAIL fundamentally how this type of disc image works? How does it grow and shrink? Does it do so in real time, or is data cached...
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    OSX Native Indeo Video AVI Codec or player?

    For those that can remember, back in the OS9.x days there was an extension for Quicktime that allowed Mac users to view AVI's that were encoded with IBM's Indeo Video Codec (IV50). Usually these files were created by Windows users. With the onset of OSX, the only way to play these files on an...
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    Video Card Upgrade Suggestions Please

    I'm playing Neverwinter Nights at the moment. As you all can see from my Signature Machine Spec, my current G4 733MHz Quicksilver tower is a little underpowered graphics card wise (it's the only real weak link for this game at the moment, as my CPU has no problems with the AI or anything else)...
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    Any New Zealanders looking to unload a 128Mb graphics card?

    I'm stuck with a meagre 32Mb GeForce2MX in my Quicksilver 733MHz tower, and I'd like to hot it up to improve Neverwinter Nights which I am currently playing. If anyone in NEW ZEALAND is looking to offload one (they are very expensive new here, and the secondhand market for them is very small)...