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    desktop icons move to Right side of screen

    I usually have the desktop icons arranged by app/custom arranged by me. They used to always stay that way but suddenly they have moved to the right side of the screen (almost exactly by 50%) only Photoshop Elements doesn't move. I have looked at rearranging them via 'arrange by'...none of the...
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    Numbers pad doesn\'t work

    All of a sudden my number pad(keys on right side of apple keyboard) doesn't work--in any application including Calculator. I donot see anywhere, either in preferences(keyboard) or on the keyboard itself that the 'numbs lock' exists. How do I turn it back on?
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    Keychain Access

    Somehow I must have done something that has caused keychain to display an empty list of 'all'. However the good news is that it still logs me in to the various sites that I frequent. Question, how do I get the Keychain access to display the varoius keychain info; it still displays certificates...
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    imac shutdown

    :( All of a sudden my imac will not shutdown when I choose SHUTDOWN from the menu choices. I have to use the on/off button and then it will shut down.
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    Diplay 'lists; in Keychain Access

    :( Somehow I must have changed some preference and KeyChain (vault) no longer displays the keychain list/passwords, etc. I have tried SHOW ALL but that doesn't seem to undo what I must have changed. The good news is twofold: The certificates still display and auto loging still operates at the...