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    Sleep Mode

    Sorry this is going to be a little vague. Talking with a friend who is having problems with his mac going into sleep mode. Says it has nothing to do with his energy saver. He thinks it maybe that his drive which is almost maxed out. I'm not sure if that's the cause. Anyone have an idea...
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    Ipod Restore

    Sorry if you read this before. This thread is also posted in "Ipod Crowd". I'm not sure if anyone here reads from that group. I have the 20GB 4th Gen ipod. I hear that this model has been plagued with problems. The problem I am experiencing now is that my playlists have disappeared from...
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    20gb 4th Gen Ipod Restore

    I have the 20GB 4th Gen ipod. I hear that this model has been plagued with problems. The problem I am experiencing now is that my playlists have disappeared from my ipod. This has happened a number of times. Each time this happens I have to go in and restore my ipod. The pain was to reload...
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    Connecting Macs

    Is there a way to connect to a another mac without having a .mac account? I would like my sister to have access to some sort of public folder on my computer. I have some home movie files that I would like to share with her.
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    Disk Insertion Error On External Drive

    My Fantom 160 GB Ext Firewire drive is not being recognized. I keep getting the follwing message. Disk Insertion The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer Initalize Ignore Eject I choose to initialize and disk utility opens. But does not let me run first aid. I...
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    VPC Burning

    Is it possible to burn a cd using Virtual PC? Would I be able to use Nero?
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    PMU Reset

    Would anyone know the correct way to do a PMU reset on an Imac G3 Graphite, 650mhz? I sold this computer on Ebay, and the buyer was unable to power it up. He sent it back. I brought it to the Apple store. The tech took the computer in the back and reset the PMU. It was then able to boot...
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    Corrupt Photo Images

    Is there a program that can retrieve corrupt images from my HP digital camera? I did find one called MediaRECOVER. But this one can only pull images from a mounted device. For some reason my camera doesn't mount to the desktop anymore (not sure if this has something to do with I-Photo or...
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    Tiger will not shutdown

    Since I upgraded to 10.4 and 10.4.1 my computer will not shutdown. Not much else to say. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Secure Delete

    I'm about to send in my external firewire drive for reapair. How would I go about secure erasing my files on this drive?
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    Reinstalling 9.2.2

    I recently wiped my whole system and reinstalled Panther. Can I still install system 9? I would like to add this operating system to my computer without wiping out OSX. How would I go about doing this?
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    I was having issues with my external drive and decided to run Disk Warrior. When I tried to run the app a message came up saying I should get info on the Disk warriror disk it'self and check off the ignore privilages feature in order to run the disk.. I did so, ran the app, and was able to...
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    DVD To DV

    What is the best app for converting a DVD back to a DV file? I am thinking of backing up all my video over to DVD. Eventually I know I will need to use a clip from one of my DVD. Has anyone done this?
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    HP Discs

    Just tried out these HP DVDR+ 8X discs I got from Officemax. For some reason my computer won't mount these discs anymore. It did last night and now it doesn't read them. My computer can read any other discs. What gives?
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    Kernal Memory Imac

    What is the maximum RAM you can put into a imac 700 flat panel? Right now I have (or had) 512mb. I was experiencing repeated application crashes (application unexpectedly quit) and kernal errors. I did a clean install on the entire system and I still experienced the crashes. I pulled out...
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    Backing Up

    I'm about to do a clean install on my system. I am in the process of backing up my files. How would I go about saving certain preferences? I backed up my Itunes & Iphoto files on an external drive. How do I back up the playlists? I would like to keep all my lists the way I left them. And...
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    New Firewire Drive/Which Format?

    I just bought a new 160 GB firewire drive. In the Disc Uility window I see my drive showing up twice. "149.1 Oxford" and under it says "NO NAME" Just wondering which one to select? I'm am looking to do basic storage and some video storage (FCP & Imovie). Shoud I format the volume as "Mac...
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    Unibrain Fire120 Hard Drive

    Has anyone heard of the Unibrain Fire120 Hard Drive. I saw it at Yahoo/shopping for about $50. I had trouble finding a review on this product. $50 for a 120 external firewire drive sounds a little too good to be true.
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    Itunes -50 error

    Has anyone got this itunes error before? "The Itunes Music Library file cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred (-50)." Itunes will work okay for a little bit. Then this error will appear and will not go away. I tried reinstalling. Even reinstalled the whole system (i'm setting...