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    Clicking sound from new Powermac G5

    At a guess, could it be a hard drive waking up or going to drives make a similar sound when waking up
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    freezing mac

    I mainly run FCP but this problem can arise anytime with any application. But its seems to be occur more as more demands are placed on the machine. My machine is a dual processor 2 GHz G5 During big FCP renders or when the machine is busy it freezes, if left long enough the fans then start...
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    For those who want to keep PowerPC...

    My guess is that Apple got very annoyed with IBM apparent lack of interest and resources in developing the Power PC chip. Apple had to watch with envy as Intel rolled out the Centrino chip offering high performance and low power consumption. As Apple's powerbooks had nothing new to offer and...
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    Dual monitor on a G5 ...PCI video cards

    Well all to summarise, I installed the second video card and it works fine. Using Apple motion installing this second cheap video card and freeing up VRAM on my main card speeded up sequences by approx 50%
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    Dual monitor on a G5 ...PCI video cards

    As you ask motion to do more in real time the current card struggles, I believe motion uses the video card to do more than just draw to the screen via Open GL commands, the video card using its onboard processor and VRam does some of the maths usually done by the systems main processor. When I...
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    Dual monitor on a G5 ...PCI video cards

    My explanation of my set up was poor, I run Motion across two screens. Screen one is the business end showing the real time video processing, screen two is the boring screen showing the browser bin etc (not too demanding). Currently the factory fitted ATI 128 MB VRAM cards does two screens...
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    Dual monitor on a G5 ...PCI video cards

    Hi all I have removed my second video card from my old faithful G4 and I'm hoping to install it in an PCI X slot on my dual 2 GHz G5. The card is An ATI 128 GL device ID 0x5245 16 Mbytes Vram Its to give my G5 a better chance of running Apple Motion. At the moment the AGP card runs two...
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    PC vs. Mac Video Card

    Guys i have this card..i.e. An ATI rage 128 16 MB VRAM PCI slot. Its worked for years in my G4 but now i fancy putting it into my new G5 in one of the PCI x slots. I have read if this card is a 66MHz card I could damage my G5. Do you know what speed my card is.. thanks
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    Weird monitor issue

    I have that video card, the ATI 128 GL device ID 0x5245. And I used it as a second video card in a 450 Mhz G4 with no problems. But I am thinking of removing it and installing it in my dual 2 GHz G5 in a PCI X slot. I have read I could damage my machine if I use a 66 Mhz bus card in the PCI...