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  1. dolph

    iMac G3 down converter boards

    Does anyone know if the down converter board from a G3 iMac DV SE (500 MHz) will work on the 700 MHz G3 iMac SE? The PDF tech manuals that I have show two different boards, the components on the boards look slightly different. But I can't find any parts numbers to confirm that they actually do...
  2. dolph

    rust on logic board

    Anyone have ideas on how to remove rust from a logic boad? In this case, it's a G3 iMac logic board. There's a small bit around one of the connectors. Don't know how it happened, it was an eBay purchase. Hope the attached pic shows up...
  3. dolph

    G3 iMac logic board swap

    I have the opportunity to pick up a 700 MHz logic board from a G3 iMac SE 700 with a dead CRT, would like to swap it into my DV SE (500 MHz). I know the PPC chip is slightly differet - 750cx on the 700 MHz unit, 750 in the 500 MHz unit - will I need to do anything special to my 500 MHz machine...
  4. dolph

    G3 iMac hard drive problem

    First post to the forum... I bought a 160 GB Seagate Baracuda drive (ATA/100, model #ST3160023A) for my trusty iMac DV Special Edition (500 MHz) to replace the tiny 30 GB drive. Stuck the new drive into my external firewire enclosure, formatted it and installed Panther (on the main partition, OS...