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    NAT Issues

    Okay, so here's the deal. I am setup on a business-class cable connection through a single cable modem, and it is alotting me 4 connections (4 external IPs) at one time. Each connection is throttled at 5mb d/l x 384kb u/l. I have my mac, 3 PCs, an xbox, and an aiport express that need to be...
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    Xbox Live Airport Base(express) Network

    I doubt this is the way you have it setup, but I have my main AP Ext. BS setup and my express is connected wirelessly using WDS...from my express, I am connecting my xbox to the 2-way enet port on the airport express. I have everything on my lan configured with static ip, but if you are running...
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Liberate - Disturbed
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    Your Mac accidents

    First week of school, decided to head over to my girlfriend's place on the bike. It was around 8 at night, and I swerved off the sidewalk, and then for some reason decided to get back on. Well, the ramp that normally comes installed where the sidewalk meets the road at an intersection wasn't...
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    Network Access via Bluetooth

    So I was up at my girlfriend's parent's house this past week, and her brother has added a bluetooth AP to the home network so that her younger can connect to the network and internet over bluetooth. It works great with his windows machine using the bluetooth as a nullmodem and connecting...
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    Toast Deja Vu Error

    Any idea where I could get another copy of psync?
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    Toast Deja Vu Error

    I cannot find anything named @INC anywhere in my system. Any other ideas?
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    Toast Deja Vu Error

    I have no idea what @INC is. I did a full reinstall of DejaVu, sacked all the pref files, and the error still comes up...I'll do a sys search to see if their is a folder named that tho.
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    Toast Deja Vu Error

    Every time i attempt to do a backup I get this error message..any clue? Can't locate MacOSX/ in @INC (@INC contains: /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1 /Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Library/Perl/5.8.1 /Library/Perl...
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    Earthlink TotalAccess Hijack on Safari

    Thanks...I must've overlooked the file.
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    Earthlink TotalAccess Hijack on Safari

    I am having a problem with Safari and Earthlink's TotalAccess software. I installed TA back during Thanksgiving because I needed some local dialup numbers since I was away from the house. Well, I got back home, and didn't need TA anymore, so I uninstalled it. It came up with a script error...
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    Airport Admin Utility Woes firewall. I just downloaded the ApEX firmware upgrade, and was hoping that would solve it, but it didn't...same problems.
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    Airport Admin Utility Woes

    Well, that's the problem...the network here runs on NAT, so half the campus basically has the same external IP. Internally, its set by the school's DHCP..changing everytime I login to the network(the authentication they use is HTTP based...something called Perfigo - not really familiar with...
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    Airport Admin Utility Woes

    Anyone had this problem, or anything like it? I am on a college network that uses DHCP and NAT, and everytime I config my APEx base to be a bridge(i.e. disabling IP assigning) I cannot connect to it through the Admin Utility. I can access the internet, and do everything God allows me to...
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    how many crashes do you have in OSX?

    I've had my powerbook 15 alum 1.5ghz now for about 2 months, and had it running solid since I took it out of the box. Not one global crash. The only thing I have seemed to have trouble with is Speech sometimes just randomly disappears without notice....weird...
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    Trash problems ???

    Have you tried restarting then trashing?
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    Scrolling with Pbook trackpad?

    Anyone know how to enable scrolling with the right side of a powerbook's trackpad? Or do I need some extra software?
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    A little IRC Help please

    The scripts are cool, but not what I was asking about...i'm looking for a way to allow Safari to automatically open an IRC client when a server link is clicked. Maybe there is a protocol config file that can be edited to add the IRC:// designator? Any help would be appreciated. --Tom
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    A little IRC Help please

    Okay, so here's the thing...I am a new mac user over from winXP and I am an avid IRC user which used to do it all in mIRC in XP. Since, I have switched to xchat aqua. But anyways, here's my question...when you initiate a DCC request through IE on XP (let's say through, XP...