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  1. kriz105

    iphone connects to wifi network but wont interact with internet

    iphone connects to wifi network but wont interact with internet. I have an iPhone 3G that connects fine at home but when i go to my friends house i connect to their password secured network but i get a message when trying to use Safari ´Safari cannot open this page because it is not connected...
  2. kriz105

    External iSight not working with leopard.

    Hello all I am running Leopard on iMac (with no built in cam). My external iSight (firewire) has stopped working, its been ages since it worked i think about 2 updates ago. But I have lived with out it. I now want to use it again. I cannot find any drivers to get the thing working...
  3. kriz105

    Airport Extreme seems to drop connection when using with Siemans Gigaset SE587

    Hi Guys I have recently 'upgraded' my isp, in the uk, to Tiscali. They supply my tv, internet and telephone. I have a set top box that has a router attached to it (Siemans Gigaset SE587), this in then attached to my Airport Extreme. After some minutes i lose connection. I have tried changing...
  4. kriz105

    Ipod touch update (january update) I want it but cant find it!

    Hi Guys. Does anyone know where I can get the ipod touch update. I used to get a message every time i connected my ipod touch but i stopped that. now i would like to purchase it. I have gone too, and followed the link and instruction, i am...
  5. kriz105

    Incomplete boot camp/xp installation means i cant restart my mac without holding alt

    Hi All I had partioned my hard drive with boot camp after installing Leopard. But for when installing window the system stopped working. I left it for 2.5 and the install still had not completed. I tried to quit, but then i got a message telling me that there was a disc error to start...
  6. kriz105

    Is my version of Photoshop 7 now too out of date for Leopard?

    I have been running Photoshop 7 on my MacBook - Tiger - all good. I purchased and installed Leopard today and installed but Photoshop 7 wont run, i get a message telling me ' An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occured because of program error., Photoshop will now exit' Thats it. I...
  7. kriz105

    How can i access osX system having forgotten password.

    Can anyone help? My friend has have locked herself out of her mac osX 10.4 because she has not remembered her password. Is there anyway of resetting it? When i restart it for her it asks for her username, which she remembers but the password wont accept. Would be very grateful for...
  8. kriz105

    Any way of retrieving files after deleting from trash?

    Hi all Does anyone know of a way of retrieving files after deleting from trash? I use ibook 10.4 osX Thank you C
  9. kriz105

    My spotlight not doing anything

    Hi all I am using macBook intel osx version 10.4.9 My spotlight is not doing anything when i type into it. anyone experienced the same and better still, know how i can fix it? Many thanks Chris
  10. kriz105

    Dvd player suddenly stopped working osx 10.4.8

    Hi All Got a problem i cant seem to work out. Suddenly my DVD player has stopped working. I place the disc into the drive and i get a spinning sound and out comes the disc! Automatically ejects. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Can you help? Regards Kriz105
  11. kriz105

    iCal quits as soon as I try to launch it

    Hi I seem to have a problem with iCal and wondered if anyone else here had experienced the same thing or has been able to rectify it? I have the MacBook running 10.4.8, When i try to launch iCal it quits immediately. I am not totally sure when this started to happen I have been using...
  12. kriz105

    epson 740 driver for 10.4

    After converting my father from pc to mac, he is very happy he done so, he has recently upgraded his operating system to 10.4, In doing so we have made his Epson stylus printer colour 740 printer incompatible. I was wondering if anyone out there had a clue about where i might get a driver for...
  13. kriz105

    I want to remove osX beta from os 9

    I use a G3 black powerbook. For so long now i have had os X beta installed on my os 9 system and I want to remove os X beta. I am happy to do a complete re install of mac os 9 i have not files i want to keep. Is it just a case of using the os 9 software install disc? If so, it seems that i can...
  14. kriz105

    which format do i use?

    Hi Everyone Does anyone have a clue what format is needed to made a dvd of pictures? I have burned some holiday pics onto a disc and given to my friend. He wants to make a dvd of the pics. You know the sort to thing, music and pics fading in out, pages turning etc.. But i gave him...
  15. kriz105

    Alcatel Speedtouch USB Modem Drive for OSX 10.3

    Hi Guys Its been a while since I needed any help! Been doing ok recently!! :-) However, I have convinced a friend of mine to turn to a mac. He bought an emac 3 weeks ago and loves it. It is running osX10.3 His Isp (onetel UK) will not support mac products for os X 10.3. So he has had to...
  16. kriz105

    Video chat other than ispq?

    Hi guys I returned from New York! had a fantastic time! What a great city! Well i bought my isight and my itrip, all good! but i am searching for a video chat program that i can use in the UK. Ispq for osX is only available in the states! I am keen to find a vid chat program that has a...
  17. kriz105

    iSight - question

    Hi Guys I am now toying with getting the isight cam when i visit NY next month.. Could anyone clarify something for me.. When i read about isight it seems to be only compatible with iChat.. is that correct? Or is it also usable on programs like ispq etc..?? While i am here does anyone...
  18. kriz105

    Help - Airport wont accept my password after resetting security set up!

    Hi guys i have just stepped up the security on my airport to the 128 bit WEP. But after uploaded the info to the airport it lost internet connectivity so tried to go into airport configuration to change it back to its original setting but it wont accept my password! I did not change my password...
  19. kriz105

    Airport security question

    Hi Guys me again hoping to pick a few more brains to help my thirst for understanding os X. Could some one explain to me in simple terms the difference between 40 bit WEP and 128 bit WEP? I do understand that I should have one of these security settings for my network at home but not too sure...